2.40 ADMITTANCE TO FLOOR. No person other than a member may be admitted to the House Chamber, except: properly authorized employees; the Chief Executive and ex-governors of the State of Minnesota; members of the Senate; heads of departments of the state government; judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and District Courts; members of Congress; those persons invited to address the body or a joint convention of the house and senate, and guests for such an address or joint convention; a family member of a member; and properly accredited representatives of radio and television stations, newspapers and press associations, as provided for in these Rules.

Any other person may be issued a permit by the Speaker good for the day, but that person must be seated near the Speaker's rostrum, and must not engage in conversation that disturbs the business of the House. Before issuing a permit, the Speaker must make certain that the person does not seek the floor of the House to influence decisions of the House.

The alcoves in the Chambers are for the use of members only, and the Sergeant at Arms must keep them clear of others.

From one hour before the time the House is scheduled to convene until one hour after the House adjourns for the day, the retiring room is reserved for the exclusive use of the members and employees of the House. As long as the Senate prohibits entry of House members into its retiring room, no Senators may enter the House retiring room during the time it is reserved for exclusive use of members and employees. A committee or division meeting must not be held there except emergency meetings authorized by the Speaker. The Sergeant at Arms must strictly enforce this provision.

Unless an extraordinary condition exists the Speaker must not entertain a request to suspend this Rule or present the request of a member for unanimous consent to suspend this Rule.

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