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2.42 LOBBYISTS. (a) A lobbyist as defined under Minnesota Statutes, section 10A.01, subdivision 21, shall not appear before a House committee pursuant to the lobbyist's employment unless the lobbyist is in compliance with the law requiring lobbyist registration, Minnesota Statutes, sections 10A.03 to 10A.06. A lobbyist, when appearing before a committee, shall disclose to the committee on whose behalf the lobbyist speaks and the purpose of the lobbyist's appearance.

(b) A lobbyist shall not knowingly, either directly or through a third party, furnish false or misleading information or make a false or misleading statement that is relevant and material to a matter before the House or any of its committees, subcommittees, or divisions when the lobbyist knows or should know it will influence the judgment or action of the House or any of its committees, subcommittees, or divisions.

(c) The Committee on Ethics shall investigate a complaint by a member of the House in writing under oath received before adjournment sine die in the last year of a House term or during a special session held after that time that a lobbyist has violated Rule 2.42. The investigatory procedures of Rule 6.10 apply, except as provided in this rule. The complaint and proceedings on the complaint are private until the Committee has found probable cause to believe that a violation of Rule 2.42 has occurred, unless they are made public by the lobbyist whose conduct is the subject of the complaint or by the vote of at least three members of the Committee.

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