6.05 DIVISIONS. (a) If the Speaker or the House refers a bill to a division, the bill remains in that division until the House moves the bill from the division or approves a report from the division that moved the bill from that division. A division report under this paragraph is subject to Rule 6.30.

(b) The chair of a committee may refer a bill within the possession of the committee to a division of that committee. When the chair refers a bill to a division under this paragraph, the chair may recall the bill from the division. A committee chair referring or recalling a bill under this paragraph must give written notice of the referral or recall as soon as possible to the Chief Clerk for publication. To the extent practical, the Chief Clerk must attempt to provide notice on the House Web site of referrals and recalls of bills under this paragraph.

(c) The chair of a division must cause division records to be kept in a manner consistent with Rule 6.24.

(d) Division meetings are subject to Rule 6.20.

(e) Divisions are subject to Rule 6.21.

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