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6.21 COMMITTEE PROCEDURES. Meetings of House committees must be open to the public except for executive sessions that the committee on ethics considers necessary under Rule 6.10. For purposes of this requirement, a meeting occurs when a quorum is present and action is taken regarding a matter within the jurisdiction of the committee. This requirement does not apply to a meeting of members of a committee from the same political party caucus.

A majority of members of a committee is a quorum.

The Rules of the House must be observed in committee if they are applicable.

An amendment offered in committee must be on a subject that is within the jurisdiction of the committee. Whether an amendment is on a subject that is within the jurisdiction of the committee is a question to be decided by the person chairing the meeting, who may put the question to the committee.

A member of a committee may demand a roll call vote on any bill, resolution, report, motion or amendment before the committee. If a demand is made, the roll must be called. The name of the member demanding the roll call and the vote of each member must be recorded in the committee minutes.

A committee may reconsider an action while the matter remains in the possession of the committee. A committee member need not have voted with the prevailing side to move to reconsider the action.

The chair of a committee, after consultation with the Speaker, may establish written procedures for the submission of amendments to the committee, the setting of committee agendas, and other matters pertaining to the conduct of the committee's business. Before implementing the written procedures, the chair must provide a copy of them to the Speaker and to each member of the House and must make copies available to others upon request.

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