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7.01 DUTIES AND PRIVILEGES OF THE SPEAKER. The Speaker must preside over the House and has all the powers and duties of the presiding officer.

The Speaker must preserve order and decorum. The Speaker may order the lobby or galleries cleared in the case of disorderly conduct or other disturbance.

Except as otherwise provided by rule or law, the Speaker has general control of the Chamber of the House and of the corridors, passages and rooms in the Capitol and State Office Building under the jurisdiction of the House.

The Speaker must sign all acts, addresses, joint resolutions, writs, warrants and subpoenas of the House or issued by order of the House. The Speaker must sign all abstracts for the payment of money from funds appropriated by the Legislature to the House; but money must not be paid unless the abstract is also signed by the Controller of the House. Abstracts for compensation of members must be signed by the Chief Clerk pursuant to law.

The Speaker must appoint the Chief Sergeant at Arms or must designate that officer from among the Sergeants at Arms elected by the House or appointed by the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration.

When an elected office of the House becomes vacant, the Speaker must designate a person to exercise the powers and discharge the duties of the office as necessary until a successor is elected by the House.

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