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7.10 DUTIES OF CHIEF CLERK. The Chief Clerk has general supervision of all clerical duties pertaining to the business of the House. The Chief Clerk must perform, under the direction of the Speaker, all the duties of the office of Chief Clerk. The Chief Clerk must keep records showing the status and progress of all bills, memorials and resolutions.

During a temporary absence of the Chief Clerk, the First Assistant Chief Clerk has all the usual responsibilities of the Chief Clerk and may sign the daily journal, enrollments, abstracts and other legislative documents.

The Chief Clerk must supervise the engrossment and enrollment of bills. The Chief Clerk must see that a record is kept, by file number, of the bills introduced in the House that passed both houses and are enrolled.

The Chief Clerk must ensure that locations accessible to the public are available to post a list of committee and subcommittee meetings and any other announcements or notices the House may require.

The Index Clerk, supervised by the Chief Clerk, must prepare an index in which bills may be indexed by topic, number, author, subject, section of the statutes amended, committees, divisions, and any other method that will make it a complete and comprehensive index.

The index must be open for public inspection during the legislative session and must be printed in the permanent Journal.

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