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Health Care and Human Services Finance Division


2009-2010 Regular Session - Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Thomas E. Huntley, Chair

Vice Chair James Abeler began the fifteenth meeting of the Health Care and Human Services Finance Division at 1:03 PM on Tuesday, February 25, 2009, in Room 200 of the State Office Building. A quorum was not present.

Anne Barry, Chief Compliance Officer, Department of Human Services, gave an update on their health care fraud prevention efforts. Discussion revolved around how the fraud was created and Ms. Barry responded to questions of members.

At 1:24 p.m. a quorum was present and Vice Chair Abeler formally called fifteenth meeting to order. The clerk noted roll:

Members Present:

Abeler, Jim, Vice Chair
Anzelc, Tom
Brod, Laura
Bunn, Julie
Dean, Matt
Emmer, Tom
Gottwalt, Steve
Hayden, Jeff
Hosch, Larry
Kiffmeyer, Mary
Liebling, Tina
Murphy, Erin
Otremba, Mary Ellen
Peppin, Joyce
Peterson, Sandra
Ruud, Maria
Scalze, Bev
Slawik, Nora
Thao, Cy
Thissen, Paul

Members Excused:

Fritz, Patti
Huntley, Thomas, Chair

The Division listened to extensive testimony on the effects of the Governor’s budget recommendations from:

Jodi Harpstead, Chief Operating Officer, Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota
Mark McAfee, AFSCME
Dr. Tim Burkett, CEO, People Inc.
Heidi Myhre, The ARC
David Hancox, Executive Director, MCIL
Steve Larson, Public Policy Director, The ARC
Jeff Nachbar, Public Policy Director, Brain Injury Association
Anne Henry, Minnesota Disability Law Center Staff Attorney
Sue Abderholden, Executive Director, NAMI-MN
Ron Brand, MN Association of Community Mental Health Programs, Inc.
Ed Eide, Mental Health Association of MN
Dr. Scott Lingle, Minnesota Dental Association
Dr. Jim Gowan, Associate Dental Director, Health Partners Dental
Kathryn Kmit, Director, Minnesota Council of Health Plans
Dr. Noel Peterson, President, Minnesota Medical Association
Julie Ring, Director, Local Public Health Association
Bridget Siljander - personal care attendant (PCA)
Kevin Goodno, lobbyist, Minnesota Chiropractic Association
Bob Brick, Minnesota Habilitation Coalition

(Minutes – continued)
Health and Human Services Finance Division (15th Meeting)
February 25, 2009
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Mary Ann Blade, Chief Executive Officer, Minnesota Home Care Association
Karen Larson and Kelly Voight, Minnesota Region 10 Quality Assurance
Bruce Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, ARRM
Jessica Webster, Legal Aid
Jeff Lindow, Executive Vice President, Minnesota Pharmacy Association, represents Thrifty White Pharmacy,
Alexandria, Minnesota
Mary Regan, Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies
Jonathan Watson, Public Policy Director, MN ACHC
Phil Griffin, lobbyist, MN ACHC
Lisa Fink, Legal Services Advocacy Project, St. Paul

The Vice Chair adjourned the meeting at 2:31 p.m.

James Abeler, Vice Chair

Katherine Fritsch, Committee Legislative Assistant