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Agriculture Finance and Policy


2023-2024 Regular Session - Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Representative Samantha Vang, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture Finance and Policy Committee, called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM on March 28, 2023, in Room 120 of the State Capitol Building.

The Committee Legislative Assistant noted the roll.

Members Present:
VANG, Samantha, Chair
PURSELL, Kristi, Vice Chair
ANDERSON, Paul, Republican Lead
HARDER, Bobbie
JACOB, Steven
NELSON, Nathan
REHM, Lucy

Members Excused:
CHA, Ethan

A quorum was present.

Representative Pursell moved to adopt the March 23, 2023, minutes. THE MOTION PREVAILED.

HF 2278 (Vang); Board of Animal Health funding provided, and money appropriated.

Representative Vang moved that HF 2278 be re-referred to the Ways and Means Committee.

Representative Vang moved the DE1 amendment. THE MOTION PREVAILED. THE AMENDMENT WAS ADOPTED.

Representative Vang presented HF 2278, as amended.

The following testified on HF 2278, as amended:
• Thom Petersen, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
• Steve Morse, Executive Director, Minnesota Environmental Partnership
• Patrick Murray, Executive Director, Minnesota Crop Production Retailers
• Ashley Runholt, Agronomy Sales Manager, Cottonwood Oil Cooperative
• Stu Lourey, Director of Government Relations, Minnesota Farmers Union
• Chris Cowen, Lobbyist, Pesticide Action Network
• Sina Pleggenkuhle, Communication Director, Minnesota Farmers' Market Association
• Alex Trunnell, Public Policy Specialist, Minnesota Corn Growers Association
• Leah Gardner, Policy Director, Hunger Solutions Minnesota
• Laura Schreiber, Policy Organizer, Land Stewardship Project
• Erin McKee, Farm to Institution Project Director, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
• Kaytlin Bemis, Public Policy Specialist, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation
• Dr. Mitch Hunter, Associate Director, Forever Green Initiative (Forever Green)
• Laura Lemke, Executive Director, Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
• Rachel Sosnowchik, Public Affairs Specialist, Second Harvest Heartland
• Colin Cureton, Director of Adoption and Scaling, Forever Green Initiative
• David VanEeckhout, Farm Program Director, The Good Acre
• Peter LaFontaine, Agricultural Policy Manager, Friends of the Mississippi River
• Nick Milanowski, Plant Protection Program, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Representative Vang moved to lay over HF 2278, as amended. The bill was laid over.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:32 PM

Representative Samantha Vang, Chair

Matthew Sauser, Committee Legislative Assistant

More Info On This Meeting..
Bills Added:
  • HF2278 (Vang) - Agriculture finance and policy bill.
House TV Video:
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(No audio for the first :10 because the audio was not turned on in the hearing room).
00:33 - HF2278 (Vang) Agriculture finance and policy bill (as amended by the DE amendment).
03:14 -- Walk-through on HF2278.
39:01 -- Public testimony for HF2278.
Runs 1 hour, 38 minutes.

Agriculture Finance Omnibus Bill
***Monday, March 27, 2023: finance omnibus bill HF 2278 (Vang) – a delete everything amendment and spreadsheet will be posted.
***Tuesday, March 28, 2023: walk through and public testimony. No official action will be taken.
***12 pm noon, Wednesday, March 29, 2023: amendments due.
***Thursday, March 30, 2023: additional testimony, mark up, and passage.

HF2278 (Vang) Board of Animal Health funding provided, and money appropriated. Delete everything amendment – walk through and public testimony.

HANDOUTS: Handouts MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT and emailed to the committee administrator by 12 p.m. (noon) the business day before the hearing. If you are bringing hard copies, bring 40 copies. Note: submitted written testimony is public and will be included in the official committee record. It may be posted to the committee webpage if received by deadline.
TESTIFYING: Testimony is limited. The number of testifiers and length of time permitted is at the discretion of the chair, and is subject to change. Please plan accordingly. If you would like to testify, please email the committee administrator by 12 p.m. (noon) the business day before the hearing.
DOCUMENTS: Meeting documents may be found on the Agriculture Finance and Policy webpage.
ACCESSIBILITY: To learn more about requesting an accommodation, please visit the FAQs for Disability Access. If you have further questions on accommodations or accessibility, please contact the Committee Administrator.

*Agenda items (including bills) may be added or removed, and/or order may change.