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1998 New Laws

1998 New Laws is presented here electronically as printed and distributed from the House Public Information Office (175 State Office Building). The electronic version is not updated but contains exactly the same information as the printed copy.

The 1998 New Laws has been posted in Portable Document Format (PDF) file, allowing you to view the document and all its attributes exactly as the printed document. It can be viewed and printed from any Windows, DOS, Macintosh or UNIX machine using the Acrobat Reader. This file has been optimized to work with Acrobat Reader 3.0 (Click here to download a FREE COPY OF THE ACROBAT READER, which you must use to read the 1998 New Laws.)

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1998 New Laws A summary of the 1998 Legislative Session in five parts:
1. Highlights including the 1998 Special Session, (pages 9-60) a quick overview of selected bills in an easy-to-read style;
2. Vetoed Bills, (pages 61-66) all the bills the governor vetoed, including reasons;
3. Dead Bills, (pages 67-77) selected bills that were discussed but not passed;
4. Summary, (pages 81-105) technical summaries, including listings of the sections of Minnesota Statutes that the bills affect; and
5. Index, (pages 110-125) listed by chapter number, House file number, Senate file number, bill title, effective date, and subject.

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