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Thursday, April 18, 2024

ST. PAUL – April 15 is recognized as Tax Day, which is the deadline for Americans to file their income tax returns. But while the income tax obligations for most Minnesotans have now been met, State Representative Greg Davids (R-Preston) said they continue to feel the pain of increased everyday tax burdens thanks to the decisions made by a Democrat-controlled state government.


“One year ago, they wasted an $18 billion budget surplus and raised taxes by $10 billion, and because of this we’ll soon be facing a projected budget deficit,” Davids said. “Of the $10 billion in Democrat tax hikes, only $3 billion of it has gone into effect. This means if you’re already having financial problems, you’ll need to brace yourself for more.”


Last session, the DFL-led legislature approved increases to Metro Area sales taxes, motor vehicle registration fees, a new delivery tax on packages delivered to your door, and a paid family and medical leave program that will be paid for by all workers and business owners. But the most regressive tax increase, according to Davids, is the increase to the gasoline tax.


“They decided to put the gas tax on an inflator, which means you’re taking money out of Minnesotans pockets automatically,” Davids said. “This tax increase will be devastating to the poorest of the poor, as they will pay more just to drive into work.”


Davids said the incessant tax increase laws have forced many Minnesotans to find a new state to live and prevented numerous business owners from relocating in our state.


“Money can move. If you over tax it, it leaves, and that’s what we’re seeing,” Davids said.


“Minnesota has way too much of the taxpayer’s money already,” Davids continued. “Unfortunately, state government will soon be forcing you to pay even more.”