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Legislative News from Rep. Bob Dettmer

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hello from the State Capitol,


Many times, the best pieces of legislation come from constituents who contact me with a concern. When the situation warrants it, I will sponsor a bill that addresses the concern and work with members on the both sides of the aisle to get it approved.


This session I am chief authoring a number of bills again. I was convinced some of my proposals would be approved and signed into law last year, but once COVID-19 hit our focus changed. That’s why I’m bringing a number of them back again this year.


In response to a Chisago County accident where an 11-year-old died after being struck by a driver who had gone through a stop sign, I am sponsoring House File 197, which establishes a misdemeanor for traffic violations that cause great bodily harm or death to someone.


In the Chisago County case, the driver's only punishment was a fine for a stop sign violation. My bill ensures drivers would at least have to make a court appearance if they caused someone's death or serious injury.


Due to strong employment demand, I’m also bringing back House File 198 that requires school districts to give representatives of the Armed Forces, skilled trades and manufacturing the same access to students that are granted to colleges. I believe it’s important for all students to know they don’t need to have a four-year degree to obtain an in-demand, high-salaried job, and ultimately, be successful in their careers.


I’m also carrying House File 182, which would eliminate property taxes for organizations such as American Legions and VFW’s. Many have found it difficult to stay open during these trying times. This proposal would allow them to keep more of their money and ultimately donate it back to their local communities. These same organizations would also benefit from legislation I’m offering that would reduce the costs of offering lawful gambling in their city.


Also worth noting, I am co-authoring two other proposals that may interest you. The first would require identification prior to voting, and the second would eliminate the state tax on Social Security.


Have a good weekend,