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Monday, September 28, 2020

St. Paul – Today, Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) announced that he has uncovered evidence of a massive, systemic voter fraud In Minnesota. In an 11:00 a.m. press conference, Rep. Drazkowski will detail some of his findings. 

“Widespread voter fraud in Minnesota has always been suspected, but our election laws make it nearly impossible to catch the crooks after the fact.” Drazkowski said. “Now new evidence clearly points to a culture of fraud which has resulted in mountains of fraudulent ballots being cast and counted, possibly changing the outcome of several races.”

In 2018, Rep. Drazkowski filed complaints against Rep. Ilhan Omar with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board for improper use of campaign funds. After the Board imposed serious penalties on Omar, Rep. Drazkowski appeared on several national news broadcasts. He published his findings at Several members of the Somali community in Minneapolis then began reaching out to Rep. Drazkowski to accuse several campaigns associated with Omar of paying for votes. 

“When I first heard these allegations, I was skeptical.” Drazkowski said, “but the more that came out, the more troublingly credible it became.” Drazkowski then contacted law enforcement as well as Project Veritas, a media company that uncovers corruption through undercover investigations. “Clearly we needed hard evidence of voter fraud that we could not get by guessing about the red flags of massive voter turnout or the anecdotal testimonies from voters, and now Project Veritas has the evidence.” 

Drazkowski indicated that the videos would be made public by Project Veritas this week. 

The investigation centers around three consistent allegations from community members: 

1. A complex, widespread ballot buying scheme exists with voters paid $100-$200/vote

2. A systematic absentee ballot harvesting organization disenfranchises voters 

3. Irregularities at polling locations allow illegal ballots to be counted 

“It is imperative that Attorney General Barr and Secretary of State Simon act now,” said Rep Drazkowski. “The integrity of our elections is the bedrock of our republic.” 

Highlighting the need to act quickly, Drazkowski called on the Minnesota House and Senate to convene emergency committee hearings to “Immediately pause the counting and mailing of ballots until we can get to the bottom of this mess and assure Minnesotans that we can trust the results of the November elections.”

Drazkowski concluded by thanking those who bravely came forward to end corruption in their community, while issuing a warning to fraud deniers. “The other side of the political aisle is already saying that this is a partisan attack, but I can tell you that the majority of the people most directly harmed by this corruption are DFL voters and candidates, some of whom may have lost their races due to this brazen and sickening voter fraud.” 


Letter to Attorney General Barr

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