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Mayo Clinic Vaccine Mandate

Friday, December 3, 2021

Mayo Clinic Vaccine Mandate

As many of you are aware, vaccine mandates are being enforced across our country. Both private and governmental organizations are requiring employees to get vaccinated if they want to keep their job. This is tyranny of the highest order.

In Minnesota, Mayo Clinic announced that they are requiring all their staff to get vaccinated. If they refuse, then staff will first be given a warning. If Mayo employees still choose not to be vaccinated, then they will be fired on January 3, 2022. Mayo Clinic was not clear in stating whether they were instituting this mandate themselves or if the federal government required it. Either way, these mandates must be stopped.

Like so many of you, I am outraged. I have heard from nurses and doctors who have done exemplary work at Mayo who now fear that they may lose their job simply for exercising their rights as free citizens. Many applied for a religious exemption to the vaccine. However, Mayo Clinic rejected many of these religious exemptions.

I was fed up with Mayo’s inflated sense of superiority and totalitarian actions. As such, three other legislators and I wrote a letter to Mayo Clinic demanding answers. We wanted to know why Mayo has denied so many religious exemptions. We wanted to know how they are screening the applications for exemptions. Most importantly though, we wanted to know why Mayo Clinic thinks they have the right to determine the sincerity of anyone’s religious beliefs. They have no authority to do so, and they shouldn’t even try.

You can read our full letter here. We are still waiting for a response.

This is not the only example of Mayo Clinic’s recklessness. The free state of Florida recently passed a law which banned vaccine mandates. In response, Mayo Clinic facilities operating in Florida sent out an email telling employees that Mayo Clinic was not subject to this law and would instead follow federal guidelines. This means Mayo Clinic is openly disregarding Florida law and mandating that their employees be vaccinated despite the ban on vaccine mandates. This is absolutely insane. Who do these people think they are?

Clearly, big organizations and governments do not care about the rule of law or your individual rights. They only care about forcing everyone to adhere to the dictatorial dogma that they spout. When will enough be enough? More importantly, when will we take a stand against this tyranny?

Conservative Voting Record     

Earlier this week, the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota (LEA) released their report on the 2021 regular session of the Minnesota Legislature. In their report, the LEA gave scores to every legislator based on how they voted. The LEA scores legislators based on whether their votes supported America’s founding principles, inalienable rights, limited government, liberty, property rights, and free enterprise.

I am proud to say that I achieved a score of 87%. Of all 134 members of the Minnesota House of Representatives, this score ranks in the top 7. As a result, I was selected as a 2021 LEA Honoree. Last year, I was the highest scoring legislator, and throughout my career I have consistently been ranked among the highest scoring members of the Minnesota Legislature. My mission has always been to defend our God-given rights and fight for the conservative principles that we believe in.

Here is a link to the full LEA report and scorecard:

I encourage you to read the full report. The LEA report does a very good job of describing the dynamics that existed at the Minnesota Legislature this year. Specifically, the report outlines the failure of representative government in Minnesota. Frankly, too many legislators were content to let Governor Walz control everything without constitutional checks and balances. One line in particular caught my eye, “Legislators have accepted the passive role of voting on bills crafted by others.”

We need to restore real representative government in Minnesota. That is my mission, and I will continue the fight.

Steve Drazkowski