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Legislative Update and Constituent Coffee this Saturday

Friday, April 8, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

Over the summer, lawmakers received word that the University of Minnesota may have been conducting medical research using fetal tissue from aborted babies. When asked if this was the case, the University denied the claims. We later came to find out that the reports were indeed true—the University was performing medical research with the remains of aborted fetuses.
As a strong pro-life legislator, I was shocked at these revelations. The thought of babies being aborted and then shipped to medical research centers is disgusting. Life, at all stages, must be protected.
While the University claims that their actions were within the bounds of the law, there have been questions regarding the purchasing of these aborted fetal remains.
In an effort to address this startling revelation, House Republicans have introduced legislation that will require the University to establish a center that will procure fetal tissue in an ethical manner—from babies that die of natural causes and if the family elects to donate their remains to medical research.
In addition to $1 million to establish a center that procures fetal tissue in an ethical manner, the bill withholds $14 million from the University until the center is created.
I want to be clear, I am in support of medical research and want the University to remain a world leader as they look for cures for some of the most devastating diseases, but we must ensure that research is being conducted ethically and legally. Using aborted parts for research when the baby did not give consent to die in such an abhorrent manner IS NOT ethical research. Either life has value or it does not. One can not say the unborn, living baby, does not have value in the womb but does have value as a research specimen after it's been harvested for it's parts.
If you would like to discuss this or any other issue I encourage you to come to the Common Ground (516 Hawthorne St, Alexandria) on Saturday where I will be holding a constituent coffee. I plan on arriving at 10 am. I hope to see you there!
Thank you for entrusting me to serve you and your family in St. Paul, I truly represent the best!
Have a great weekend!