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Legislative Update From Rep. Franson

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you’ve all had a great week, are staying warm, and are ready for the even colder temperatures we will be seeing next week. With subzero high temperatures and overnight lows as cold as 25 below, please be safe and take precautions if you are traveling.

Before the weekend starts, I wanted to give you a quick update with some news from St. Paul.

March for Life

On Tuesday, the annual March for Life was held at the Capitol. I was proud to join the thousands of pro-life Minnesotans in showing our support for pro-life legislation and peacefully protesting our nation’s abortion laws. Seeing all the supporters who took time out of their days and braved the cold weather to stand in solidarity on this important issue is truly inspiring. The energy of this event reminds us that every human life has value and deserves to be protected.

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This display of unwavering value for human life stands in stark contrast to what happened in New York on Tuesday, as the New York state legislature passed an appalling abortion bill that was then signed by the state’s Democratic governor. This new law would allow a woman to have an abortion at any time, including days before the baby is to be born. I was disgusted to learn of this murderous new law and will continue to do everything in my power to defend life and stand up for the rights of the unborn in Minnesota.

Letter to Congress

Earlier this week, I joined my colleagues as we sent a letter to Democratic Congressional leaders urging them to work with President Trump to end the federal government shutdown and secure our Southern border. Federal workers and their families are hurting from missed paychecks, and our Southern border lacks security and remains vulnerable to the flow of illegal drugs, human trafficking, and unlawful entry of dangerous individuals into our country. This is why it is so important that Democrats put our country’s safety first and authorize funding for the much needed border wall. Even Democratic Congressman Collin Peterson supports funding the wall as this is a common sense matter that everyone who values a safe America should agree on.

You can read the letter we sent by clicking here.

FGM Bill

I’m back to work drafting and authoring bills, as I introduced five bills yesterday. One of the bills I introduced was legislation I authored last session to protect girls from female genital mutilation and hold liable Minnesota parents who force their daughters to undergo the practice. While Minnesota law makes it illegal for a doctor to perform FGM, there are no penalties for parents who subject their children to the procedure. My bill changes this and would make a parent that allows this guilty of a felony.

My bill received strong bipartisan support last session, as the House passed it on a near-unanimous 124-4 vote in 2017. In the Senate, however, the legislation never received a committee hearing or came before the entire body for a vote. I was incredibly frustrated that legislators in the Senate never gave it a chance but I remain committed to getting it signed into law this year.

The threat of FGM remains a very serious issue facing our state. We need to send a clear message to parents that there are consequences for this practice. I will always stand up for the safety of little girls, and will keep working to put an end to this abusive practice and punish parents who subject their daughters to these often life-threatening horrors.

Minnesota Gun Owners Rally

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in the 2019 Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day and Rally at the Capitol. It was awesome to meet with constituents and the countless freedom-loving Minnesotans who participated. As I’ve mentioned previously, there have been some extreme bills – that would violate our Second Amendment rights – already proposed this year at the legislature. That’s why it is now especially important that law-abiding gun owners around the state make their voices heard and contact their legislators. You can always count on me to oppose any bills that are violations of our fundamental, constitutionally-protected rights.

Please Contact Me

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any issue related to state government, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached via phone at 651-296-3201 or by email at

It’s an honor to represent the best!

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