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Legislative Update from Rep. Mary Franson

Friday, February 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

Yesterday’s frontline worker bill (HF 2900) was not ready for a vote. It penalized employers for failing to notify employees, the eligibility verification process was not secure, and it only required workers to have worked three out of 67 weeks of the pandemic. It also provided a wasteful payout to a non-profit group that is also a massive DFL campaign contributor.

The bill has no Senate companion and the DFL’s bill is not going anywhere. This was simply Democrats way to show “they care” while leading the people of Minnesota on. I voted no on HF 2900.

Standing Up for Your Pocketbook

Next week we will learn the new budget forecast. Many are predicting that the new forecast will have a surplus even greater than the current $7.7 billion surplus. It is clear that our government has a taxing problem. We are facing an economic crisis that is made worse by inflation and a supply chain crisis. Families are paying more for gas, groceries, and energy bills. Now is the time to pass meaningful, permanent tax reform for all Minnesotans.

Crime On the Rise

Crime is rising across our state. From the Twin Cities to the suburbs to Greater Minnesota, no one is immune. Law enforcement needs the resources necessary to recruit, train, and retain police officers. Criminals need to be kept off the streets. Judges and prosecutors need to enforce the laws.

Just this week, the Twitter account @CrimeWatchMpls reported of a 19-year-old, Johah Paul Canny, who previously was convicted of molesting a 6-year-old, and was arrested again on probable cause in another criminal sexual conduct case. You can learn more about his case here.

This is one of many instances where judges are letting convicted criminals walk after giving a lesser sentence. Putting criminals back on the streets when we are facing an unprecedented rise in crime does not make our communities safe. I will always support law enforcement and stand up for the safety of all Minnesotans.