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Legislative Update from Rep. Mary Franson

Friday, April 22, 2022

Dear Friends,

Congratulations! Your right to breathe on airplanes and public transit has finally been restored. Of course, Biden’s Justice Department will now fight the end of the mask mandate because the CDC is clinging to its last grasps of power, but the end of this mandate proves what we have known all along: You have the right to make your own health choices. I know I am looking forward to getting on a plane and enjoying my next flight as I finally see the smiling faces of my fellow passengers and crew.

House Democrat UI Countdown Clock

 House Democrats have stalled all session long on a bipartisan bill to stop tax hikes for Minnesota’s job providers. They ignored the March 15 deadline set by the Walz administration. Speaker Hortman instead insisted that the real deadline is April 30 – next Saturday. Despite the Speaker’s extended deadline, they have failed to hold a hearing on the bill in 70 days.

Every day that House Democrats hold up this bill and we fail to replenish and refund the Unemployment Insurance (UI) insurance fund it costs Minnesotans $50,000 to the federal government. Our state has a $9.3 billion surplus. There is no reason why we should make our job providers – who are already facing inflation, a supply chain crisis, and workforce challenges – pay the price for House Democrat inaction. Its time they get on board and join the Governor, Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats, and House Republicans to stop these unnecessary tax hikes.

Dems All Talk And No Action On Public Safety  

Early this session, House Republicans rolled out our public safety plan aimed at holding criminals accountable, recruiting and retaining peace officers, and ensuring transparency in our criminal justice system. Not one of our proposals has been heard in the Public Safety Committee.

But it’s not just House Republicans that the Chair of the Public Safety Committee is ignoring. Earlier this session, House Democrats talked about cracking down on crime. The Chair has even refused to hear some of these House DFL proposals including stronger penalties for carjacking, house arrest for youth auto theft offenders, and grant programs aimed at recruiting police officers.