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Legislative Update from Rep. Mary Franson

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Dear Friends,

The Supreme Court upheld our constitutional right to defend our families and property by striking down New York’s law on concealed weapons. The 6-3 ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen stated that New York’s regulations made it too difficult to obtain a concealed handgun license. It is critical that we preserve the American right to self-defense. Today’s ruling affirms those rights and will ensure that Americans are able to own a gun for self-defense.

You can count on me to continue defending and supporting our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Walz Checks 2.0

After Gov. Walz failed miserably to pass $1,000 “Walz checks” at the end of session (House Democrats didn’t even support his plan!) he is trying to resuscitate this program. He now wants to dole out $2,000 rebates to Minnesotans.

Using our state’s historic $9 billion surplus to give Minnesotans a one-time check does nothing to actually address the problem. Families are struggling to fill up their gas tanks, pay their energy bills, and find formula for their babies. A $2,000 rebate does little but distract us from Tim Walz’s record with money. Instead of fighting for permanent, meaningful tax relief, Walz and House Democrats spent the end of session focused on new, irresponsible spending when the state already has a fully funded budget. Tim’s pat on the head will not distract us. The Biden/Walz economic problems are not going away. Next session we will put more money back in the hands of Minnesotans by passing historic tax relief to help all families.

Drought Relief Now Available

Applications are open now through July 6 for livestock farmers and specialty crop producers to receive up to $7,500 per farm in reimbursement for expenses incurred because of the drought last year. Expenses incurred after June 1, 2021, and before May 23, 2022, are eligible for reimbursement. To learn more and apply, visit MDA’s drought relief page.