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Legislative Update from Rep. Mary Franson

Friday, March 10, 2023

Dear Friends,

It was more Democrat insanity in St. Paul this week. Keep reading to learn more.

Dems Erasing Women

As more bills are introduced this session, a recurring theme is emerging. Whether the bill is about abortion or Paid Family Leave, Democrats do not talk about women. Instead, they refer to them as “pregnant people” or “lactating person” or “menstruating person.” It’s crazy that the rights of women, rights that so many women on both sides of the political spectrum have fought decades for, are literally being erased from our state statutes.

But this is the future Democrats want. They want to erase women all in the name of “progress.” Does this sound like “progress” to you?

Universal Basic Income

HF 2666 was introduced this week to establish grants for a Universal Basic Income program. Democrats want to spend $100 million a year to provide funding for local governments, tribal nations, or nonprofit organizations to establish these programs to provide low-income Minnesotans with monthly payments of $350 to $1,200.  

Remember: Minnesota has a $17.5 billion surplus. Instead of providing meaningful, long-lasting relief for Minnesotans in the form of permanent tax cuts, Democrats would rather create another government program. This is the fundamental difference that Republicans are fighting against this session. We want to empower families by letting them keep more of their hard-earned money, Democrats want to keep taxing them and spending their money to grow government.

Keith Ellison Goes After Companies Instead of Criminals

This week, Attorney General Keith Ellison launched an investigation of Kia and Hyundai because thefts of their cars jumped 836% in 2022. It's unimaginable that we would go after the company who makes the cars instead of prosecuting the criminals who steal them.

Minnesotans want safe streets. Going after automakers does nothing to make our state safer. That’s why House and Senate Republicans released our “Safe & Sound Minnesota” public safety plan this week that will confront the threat of violent and repeat criminals, strengthen police and improve training for law enforcement, and hold judges and prosecutors accountable with public data and information. Bills included in the package would:

  • Add a new crime of carjacking to state statute;
  • Increase penalties for fleeing police in a motor vehicle;
  • Align fentanyl to the same weight thresholds and penalties as heroin; and
  • Increase sentences for those convicted with at least two prior crimes of violence.

We need to go after criminals, not companies. I hope Keith Ellison and Democrats will get serious about fighting crime this session and work to pass some real reforms.