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Column: Tax on “Wealthy” Only the Tip of the Iceberg from Democrats

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rep. Franson: Tax on “Wealthy” Only the Tip of the Iceberg from Democrats



ST. PAUL – Iceberg! Right ahead!


Do you remember that infamous line from Titanic? Lately, I can’t help but be reminded of that quote here at the legislature as Democrat members continue to push for new tax increases and burdens on our families and businesses.


Much attention has been paid to Governor Dayton’s push to create a fourth-tier income tax bracket that would impose a higher tax on the top two percent of earners in Minnesota. While some think this is wise policy, it will only hit small businesses registered as LLCs or S-Corps the hardest given the fact that 92% of businesses file taxes through individual tax returns. Unfortunately, this proposal is only the tip of the Democrat tax iceberg here in St. Paul.


Now that the government health insurance exchange is the law of the land in Minnesota, you may very well see an increase on your healthcare costs. To fund its operations, the unelected seven-member political panel that will oversee the government exchange is authorized to impose a 3.5% tax on health insurance premiums. On top of that, the costs for health insurance premiums could go up as much as 29% in the individual and small group markets.


Another proposal put forward by Democrat legislators would require Minnesota to have a 40% renewable energy mandate by 2030. This could cause electric bills to skyrocket to as much as 70% in some parts of the state. What family or business can afford that?


Or take the push to unionize childcare providers. If successful, childcare providers will be forced to raise rates or shut down. Even those who opt out of joining the union will be forced to pay a fair share union due rate of 85%. Profit margins are already small for these small businesses. Requiring the payment of union dues will hit providers’ bottom line and force them to potentially shut down or raise rates on working families.


Did I mention the proposal to tax snack food? With two young growing boys in elementary schools and a teenage daughter, I’m going to need to find some more coupons to pay for their snack food if that tax goes into effect. My kids are still growing!


As I think back to Titanic, I remember tearing up as a frozen Leonardo DiCaprio slipped lifelessly into the ocean after the ship crashed into the iceberg. It’s already cold here in Minnesota. Let’s not allow our jobs here to freeze up and slip away. We still have time to avoid the iceberg. Let’s change course and let Minnesota be the king of the world in job creation.




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