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Legislative update

Friday, April 12, 2024

Meet our new grandson, Noah.


Less than one year ago, our state saw an $18 billion surplus spent while taxes were increased by $10 billion and state spending soared by 40 percent under one-party control of the Capitol.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough because here we go again: Democrats back at it with a proposal to spend even more of our tax dollars this year – even as we face a shortfall in the next biennium. Democrat legislators and the governor recently announced they have reached an agreement to spend at least $512.5 million more in 2024-25.

The proposed spending is irresponsible and unaffordable. They’re ignoring our looming deficit and warnings from state officials to be cautious when budgeting, and instead of getting spending under control they want to increase spending at an even more unsustainable pace.

When is enough going to be enough? Instead of getting spending under control they want to increase spending at an even more unsustainable pace.

Unfortunately, even with all this new spending, neither legislative Democrats nor the governor are fully funding the critical needs of our emergency medical services across the state.

I am cautiously optimistic we can gain traction with House File 3992 this session to provides aid to licensed ambulance service providers in Greater Minnesota. Providers are struggling under the current “fee-for-service” model, which has left rural areas of the state with decreasing access to ambulances and other EMS options.

The bill establishes an aid program for licensed ambulance service providers, administered by the commissioner of revenue. If – and that’s a big “if” – the state is going to spend more money, the least it can do is support essential public services such as ambulances to help all Minnesotans instead of throwing more money at partisan pet projects and even more government programs.

Our current one-party control is bad for Minnesota, with one irresponsible, unaffordable and unreasonable proposal after another being pushed into law by activist legislators treating their paper-thin majority as a mandate.

We need more balance in St. Paul to put our state on a better path and the good news is that’s about to happen. The constitutional deadline for the Legislature to adjourn is just five weeks away, putting a stop to the extreme legislating and serving as the first step toward brighter days in the future for Minnesotans!



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