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Swedzinski: House DFL push to bring Calif. fuel regs to Minn. would be costly

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


ST. PAUL – House Democrats conducted a hearing Tuesday for legislation (H.F. 2083) Rep. Chris Swedzinski, R-Ghent, said would increase already soaring gas prices and worsen supply-chain issues by forcing California fuel regulations on Minnesotans.

“This is just another example of tone-deaf Democrats looking to force California’s bad ideas on Minnesotans and would increase the price of gas even more,” Swedzinski said. “If Democrats are serious about reducing carbon, this is about the least efficient, most costly approach they could take. People already are being crushed by soaring prices at the pump. We need to be focusing on ways of lessening the burden of higher costs in today’s Biden/Walz economy and this bill would only compound problems. This bill is about the last thing the House should be discussing this session.”

Swedzinski said research indicates the CFS proposal would cause the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel to increase by 20 cents per gallon in the near term and up to 54 cents per gallon by 2035. The CFS would force the average Minnesota household to spend an additional $210 to $570 per year, every single year at the pump. 

“These cost increases will harm rural families, single-parent households, and new arrivals to Minnesota the most because they already spend a higher portion of their budgets on energy costs than more affluent household,” Swedzinski said.” It is also important to note that none of the additional costs imposed on Minnesota families will pay for upgrading our roads and bridges.”

Tuesday’s hearing was held by the House Climate and Energy Policy and Finance Committee. House Democrats refused to allow bill opponents to testify on the bill, and cut off Republican legislators after just two questions.


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