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Survey Results

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I would like to thank the hundreds of constituents who took the time to fill out my survey over the past month. Your insights and input help me be a better lawmaker, and I will continue to do my best to represent your interests in St. Paul.

Here are the results of my survey:

  1. Of the following, which issue is most important to you? Please choose no more than two.
    1. Transportation  14%
    2. Taxes  43.24%
    3. Public Safety  8.12%
    4. Data Privacy  11.55%
    5. Education  19.66%
    6. Health and Human Services  16.46%
    7. Other  11.79%


  1. The Department of Human Services (DHS) is opening two new facilities in Cambridge Township and Athens Township to house developmentally disabled adults considered a danger to themselves and others. Without proper notification or proper input, DHS signed a lease to house these individuals near a school and a church. Do you think DHS should have stricter requirements for notification and more oversight?
    1. Yes  77.21%
    2. No  11.91%
    3. Undecided  10.88%


  1. The state’s economy is improving, and according to the Office of Management and Budget, Minnesota has a projected $1.2 billion surplus for fiscal years 2014-15 and a $2.6 billion surplus for fiscal years 2016-17. What should the state do with this money?
    1. Return it to the taxpayers  50.63%
    2. Save it  21.66%
    3. Spend it  2.87%
    4. Combination of the above  24.84%


  1. As part of a $2.1 billion tax increase last year, the legislature passed three business-to-business taxes on warehousing storage, telecommunications equipment, and farm and commercial equipment repair. Do you support the repeal of these taxes in 2014?
    1. Yes  75%
    2. No  7.39%
    3. Undecided  17.61%


  1. The legislature is considering several proposals to raise the minimum wage in Minnesota. Do you support raising the minimum wage, and if so, by how much?
    1. Yes-$9.50/hr  39.5%
    2. Yes-$7.25% (federal conformity)  27.2%
    3. No  28.3%
    4. Undecided  5%


  1. Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature approved a $90 million office building for senators. The new office building includes a fitness center, window offices, and a reflecting pool at the cost of $3.3 million per legislator. Are you in favor of a new senate office building?
    1. Yes  7%
    2. No  83.79%
    3. Undecided  9.31%


  1. Do you consider yourself a:
    1. Democrat  12.37%
    2. Republican  36.75%
    3. Independent  37.81%
    4. Other  13.07%

It’s an honor to be your voice at the Capitol. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be assistance to you on a matter of state government.