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Legislative Update from Rep. Brian Daniels

Friday, May 19, 2023

Dear Neighbors,

We are entering the final weekend of the 2023 legislative session and many items remain unresolved including final agreements on transportation, taxes, health and human services, bonding, and more. I expect that lawmakers will remain in St. Paul through the weekend to wrap up work before we are required to adjourn for the year at midnight on Monday.

While many issue areas remain open, the legislature has given final approval to several budget bills across a variety of subjects including public safety, agriculture, K-12 education, commerce, workforce development, and more.

Remember, Democrats and Governor Walz are looking to grow government spending by nearly 40%, will spend the entire $17.5 billion budget surplus on new and existing programs, and plan to raise taxes by almost $10 billion despite the surplus.

Minnesotans deserve better as all of us struggle with the crushing impacts of historic inflation. It is very disappointing to see Democrats put the needs of government ahead of family budgets time and time again.

Public Safety

One of the most egregious budget bills that has been approved this year relates to public safety and the judiciary. The bill was full of controversial provisions including:

  • Reducing Sentences for Violent Felons. This bill puts felons back on the streets by allowing criminals to serve only half of their prison sentence or probation if they complete Department of Corrections programming. This includes those convicted of violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, assault, or domestic assault. Limiting prison time for violent criminals puts Minnesota families at risk. 


  • Anti-Law Enforcement. Instead of providing law enforcement with the resources they need to keep Minnesotans safe, this bill ties their hands and ignores their needs by further restricting no-knock warrants and fails to make any significant investments to recruit, train, and retain law enforcement professionals. This bill invests over $70 million in unproven nonprofits with little accountability on how the money is spent. 


  • De facto Gun Registry. This bill will create strict and impractical hurdles for law-abiding Minnesotans seeking to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights instead of addressing the root cause of violent crime. Criminals looking to acquire firearms will not follow this new complex process. Efforts should be focused on enforcing the numerous laws we already have governing firearm transfers and background checks. 


  • Extreme Risk Protection Order. This proposal violates due process and does not address the alleged safety risk – the individual. If someone is a legitimate threat, simply seizing firearms will not prevent an individual from harming themselves or others through other means. The seizure of property without a warrant and due process, especially property that is explicitly protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution violates civil rights. Our efforts should be focused on providing support and care to those in crisis.


I voted “no” on this bill. Time and time again we have seen Democrats very clearly put the needs and priorities of criminals over law-abiding Minnesotans. The madness must stop.

Where’s the Tax Relief?

Most Minnesotans rightfully thought that they would be seeing significant tax relief this year thanks to the state’s $17.5 billion budget surplus. Instead, Democrats have been on a spending spree as they increase government spending by nearly 40%. Sadly, all of us are going to have to pay the price for their reckless spending.

To date, we have seen zero substantial tax relief come through the legislature that would put more money back into your family budget.


The Democrats have found plenty of taxes and fees to raise, especially in the transportation arena, including increases on license tab renewals and the motor vehicle sales tax, to name a few. Now, in the waning hours of this legislative session, Democrats won’t rule out raising the gas tax and tying it to inflation, which would further financially devastate drivers who are currently paying nearly $4 per gallon.

Raising the gasoline tax in the face of a mammoth budget surplus was supposed to be off the table this year. This is just the latest example of their out-of-control tax and spend agenda.

Staying in Touch

I will provide additional details as we work through the weekend and once the dust settles on final agreements. It would be great to talk with you. I can be reached by phone at 651-296-8237 or via email at

Stay tuned,