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The Path Forward

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Over the course of the last few months, there has been quite a steady stream of opinions written by great writers from just about every corner of the nation. I've happily read a number of these stories with great interest as the latest news and issues are dissected piece by piece.

Years ago it was somehow easier to remain connected to national news and the biggest headlines. Today, my attention is more focused on the critical issues facing the state of Minnesota. Even after spending five to six hours a day in committee, in addition to House floor sessions that run late into the evening, it's sometimes a struggle to keep up with the sheer amount of issues that need addressing, and I often feel for constituents who are bombarded by a never-ending stream of information. Television, newspapers, mailers, and of course the internet, all converge to create a near tsunami.

While this may not seem to be a particularly earth-shaking revelation, I do think it does some good to reaffirm those values that will always endure. Trust is earned, and your word should carry the weight of the most ironclad contract. As simple as this may sound, this concept has become the exception rather than the rule, and I certainly find myself wondering if there is any hope that we might return to a world that can produce those kinds of values. Some may disagree, but I think that just under the surface, people in our nation are starving for something real, something that they can count on day after day, and year after year.

Something genuine, in spite of its imperfection, has great value; even the most prized diamonds have flaws. This is the reason I believe Donald Trump and conservatives around the nation have been successful. The media is baffled, and all the conventional wisdom has fallen to the wayside, but in our heart of hearts there is a knowing: truth still matters.

We have all made missteps, but in the end, each one of us has the opportunity to either grow and be a part of this nation's healing, or plunge deeper into deception. Romans Chapter 1 says, “When they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools...”

Each one of us has at times been blinded by our own pride, and while it likely isn't productive to dwell on our failures, I believe the greatest successes of my own life took place because of a willingness to learn, to take correction, and a desire to work alongside other people. These thoughts may not be new, but I hope simple humility and wisdom will illuminate the path forward.

God bless,