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Legislative Update from Rep. Josh Heintzeman

Friday, April 26, 2024

Dear Neighbors,

The pace is picking up in St. Paul as omnibus supplemental budget bills will begin to make their way to the House Floor beginning next week. Remember, Democrats and Gov. Walz are looking to spend AT LEAST another $500 million this year. This is in addition to the out-of-control spending that we saw last year which included blowing through the entire $18 billion budget surplus, growing government spending by 40%, and raising taxes on all Minnesotans by nearly $10 billion.

Keep an eye on your email inbox as these bills make their way to the House Floor for debate and votes.

Senator Mitchell Update

This week, we received news that Woodbury Senator Nicole Mitchell, a Democrat, had been arrested, detained, and charged with first-degree burglary for allegedly breaking into the home of her stepmother in Detroit Lakes.

The entire story is quite bizarre, and I encourage you to read this news story for additional details about the incident including a long-form complaint filed by the Detroit Lakes Police Department. It goes without saying, but first-degree burglary is an extremely serious charge, a felony, and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Her arrest and the charges brought against her complicate this year’s legislative session because Democrats have a one-seat majority in the Senate. While she’s away, the chamber is deadlocked 33-33.

Allowing Senator Mitchell to participate in legislative business while facing felony burglary charges would damage the legislature as an institution, and I believe that she should not be permitted to participate remotely or in person until these charges have been resolved. Given that the Senate will be deadlocked for the foreseeable future, Democrat leaders should immediately begin negotiations with House and Senate Republicans to determine bipartisan bills that can pass both chambers before we adjourn for the year.

It would be completely unacceptable for Senator Mitchell to cast the deciding vote on any legislation. For example, on Thursday we received word that House Democrats have scheduled two bills for the floor on Monday (HF 4300 & HF 601), which would make it harder to defend yourself and family against home invaders and criminalize gun theft victims.

There is no way whatsoever that Senator Mitchell, currently facing charges for breaking into someone’s home, should be allowed to cast the deciding vote on these bills if the Senate takes them up in the coming weeks. 

When Democrats approved and Gov. Walz signed into law legislation that legalized felon voting in Minnesota, I’m pretty sure this is not what they had in mind. Senate Democrat Leadership needs to do the right thing and not allow Senator Mitchell to vote until this matter is resolved. In the meantime, let’s drop the hyper-partisan legislation and work together to pass only bills that have broad bipartisan support and then adjourn for the year.

Staying in Touch

Please be sure to reach out to me to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. I can be reached by phone at 651-296-4333 or via email at

Have a good weekend,