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Legislative Update (February 01, 2019)

Friday, February 1, 2019


We've had a busy first few weeks here at the Capitol. Committees have begun to meet, set the rules we will be governed under, and the first bills are making their way to committee. Below is a quick recap of the first few weeks. Have a great weekend!

Technological Reform

Following the failed rollout of MNLARS, I introduced a bill in 2018 requiring MN.IT to search for commercially available solutions before creating software themselves. This week I again introduced a bill to do this, HF524.

Under the proposed legislation, MN.IT must identify third-party providers or a commercially available solution that could be customized for Minnesota’s needs before building a new system from scratch. If no available solution exists, then MN.IT can move forward with the creation of their own enterprise software only after legislative funding has been established before they start. This creates greater financial accountability for Minnesota taxpayers.

New software is something the state of Minnesota will need on an ongoing basis. In order to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely, this bill creates a process and procedure around how software is purchased or created. MNLARS is a perfect example of why we need common sense reforms to guarantee the state is delivering the best, most affordable product to Minnesotans.

This is a reasonable solution that builds off my 11 years working in the private sector IT world. We know there are better solutions out there and the current results from the state is completely unacceptable. 


Standing for Life

I joined my fellow House and Senate Republicans at a joint press conference this week to express our opposition to a bill New York recently passed allowing abortion up to the moment of birth with virtually no restrictions. Virginia is considering following suit. As a strong defender of the unborn, I cannot believe what is happening in these states. We will fight to make sure these barbaric practices are not brought to Minnesota. 

Earlier this month, I joined thousands of pro-life supporters from across the state took part in a march at the State Capitol to show their support for the unborn. I was proud to join them and many of my constituents who also braved the cold weather to stand for life. 

The purpose of the march, which is organized by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) is to commemorate the lives lost to abortion and to call for renewed respect and protection for all members of the human family, including unborn children and their mothers. Click on either of the photos below to see a quick video from the march. 

House ImageHouse Image
Rep. Nash and thousands of Minnesotans standing strong for life at the Capitol. 


From the very first day of the legislative session, we have asked the new Democrat Majority in the House for one simple thing: transparency. In the Minnesota House, we deal with important issues that all Minnesotans and those Minnesotans should have the ability to track legislation in order to weigh in on these issues. We've already had multiple instances where exactly what my colleagues and I warned Minnesotans would happen. It is disappointing but not surprising.

Take a look below from the first day of session where I lay out exactly the problems with the new, less transparent structure put forth by the Democrats. We will stay vigilant on this issue and continue to hold Democrats accountable. 


Please Contact Me

We’re back in session, and we’ll be discussing countless ways to improve our state. I hope you’ll call, email, or visit to share your thoughts, ideas, or questions. As you know, I’m here to serve you and want to help in any way I can. My office is located on the third floor of the State Office Building. If you are coming by the Capitol, please stop by.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the warm up,