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Legislative Update (April 17, 2015)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friends and neighbors,

Last night, we passed four bills on the House floor that protect and expand your Second Amendment rights in Minnesota. I’m excited to announce that my first bill, HF372, passed 92-38 with broad bipartisan support. This bill amends state law to allow the issuance of a permit to carry to serve as notice to the Commissioner of Public Safety that the permitted individual may carry their firearm within the Capitol Complex. My bill removes a redundant step that was costing our state time and money and could have led to law abiding citizens being charged with felonies were they to not notify via the old redundant paper-based system. I am grateful to my colleagues for their votes on this important piece of legislation.

We also passed HF830, bringing state law into line with federal law to allow Minnesotans the right to purchase long guns in any other state. While the federal government has allowed the purchase of firearms from any other state since the 1960’s, Minnesota’s law is unclear and has led to several cases of legal and lawful purchasers being denied a purchase due to confusion by the seller. This bill passed with a wide, bipartisan margin in the House.

HF1434 will allow Minnesotans to ability to obtain a permit for the purchase of a suppressor. This leaves in place extensive background checks, including a background check by your local chief law enforcement officer, one by the federal government, and the standard national instant background check. Despite the misinformation presented by opponents as the bill moved through the House, suppressors help to prevent hearing loss and are allowed in 39 other states.

Currently, state law allows for the seizing of firearms during a government-issued state of emergency. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, in which government agents visited Louisiana homes and collected legally-owned firearms, Louisiana and 29 other states have enacted legislation prohibiting such seizure. Minnesota joined these states following the passage of HF722 last night. This bill protects the rights and personal property of legal and lawful firearm owners.

I’m proud of the work we did last night to protect and expand your rights while maintaining safety for all Minnesotans.

Please continue to take my Legislative Survey and reach out to me to share your thoughts on legislation before the House. You can set up a time to meet with me in St. Paul by calling my Legislative Assistant, Natalie, at (651) 296-5999, or contact me directly via email at


Have a great weekend,

Rep. Jim Nash