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Conditions or Illnesses Which Could Be Excluded Under GOP Health Insurance Plan

Monday, January 23, 2017
  1. 62a.041- Maternity Benefits (And prohibition of discrimination of unmarried women)
  2. 62a.0411- In patient care (48 hours for vaginal birth and 96 hours for C-section birth) and post-delivery care
  3. 62a.042- Family coverage requiring babies, from birth, are covered
  4. 62a.043- Dental and podiatric coverage
  5. 62a.047- Child health services and prenatal care
  6. 62a.149- Addiction services
  7. 62a.151- Services for emotionally disabled
  8. 62a.152- Ambulatory mental health services
  9. 62a.153- Outpatient medical/surgical services
  10. 62a.154- DES related conditions
  11. 62a.155- Services for those that are ventilator dependent
  12. 62a.25- Reconstructive surgery
  13. 62a.265- Lyme disease
  14. 62a28- Hair replacement as a result of alopecia
  15. 62a.285- Underwriting based on someone’s breast implant status
  16. 62a.30- Diagnostic procedures for cancer
  17. 62a.304- Port wine stain removal (birth mark)
  18. 62a.305- Fibrocystic condition
  19. 62a.3075- Cancer treatment
  20. 62a.308- Hospitalization/anesthesia for dental procedures for children under 5 and severely disabled
  21. 62a.3093- Diabetes
  22. 62d.102- Family therapy
  23. 62d.103- 2nd opinion for mental health and chemical dependency diagnosis/ treatment
  24. 62q.47- Chemical Dependency/Alcoholism
  25. 62q.471- Suicide attempt exclusion
  26. 62q.50- Prostate cancer screening
  27. 62q.52- Direct access to an OBGYN
  28. 62q.525- “Off-label” drug use
  29. 62q.527- Anti-psychotic drugs
  30. 62q.53- Mental Health
  31. 62q.5350- Court-ordered mental health services
  32. 62q.545- Home care nursing
  33. 62q.55- Emergency Services
  34. 62q.56- Continuity of Care
  35. 62q.58- Specialty care
  36. 62q.66- Durable Medical Equipment in the Home
  37. 62q.67- Requirements for Durable Medical Equipment
  38. 62q.675- Hearing Aids for persons 18 years old or younger