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Legislative Update; Give it Back!

Sunday, December 12, 2021



Sunday, December 12th, 2021 --

This past week the state released its budget forecast showing a $7.7 Billion surplus. That news was shared Tuesday by Minnesota Management and Budget as part of its November 2021 Budget and Economic Forecast. This is the second of two annual economic estimates the state uses to inform its budgeting and policy decisions. November’s forecast continued on the trend of the February 2021 Budget and Economic Forecast which called for a $1.6 billion surplus

This is a state record. We have never had a surplus this large before and it’s not because we are in an economic boom. This is not one-time money but rather individual income and sales taxes which are driving the surplus. It's important to remember that when the cost of goods increases so do the taxes associated with it. In short this surplus was created from your hard earned money. You worked for this. We often forget the government does not produce anything. They don’t earn money by selling goods their workers make. Rather they collect money from its citizens to cover basic needs like roads, bridges, and our beautiful parks. Now Governor Walz and the DFL have been told they have the largest pocket book in the state's history all earned by their citizens and stolen by them. What do they decide to do with it? Spend it all on more government programs.   

Minnesotans don’t need more failed Government programs, they need more freedom to decide for themselves. Instead the DFL decides to tax us from cradle to grave to “create jobs” and claim they are somehow helping us with that bureaucracy. The truth of the matter is we need to cut the Income tax, and eliminate the Social Security tax. We can’t continue to push our citizens away to states with better tax policies, that is how you destroy a state not save it. Now more than every we need to take decisive action to cut taxes and give the money back to the people. 

Choose Freedom, 

Cal Bahr

State Representative, 31B


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my office or me. If you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Grayson, at

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