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Session Update from Rep. Jeremy Munson

Monday, January 28, 2019

Dear Neighbor,

On January 8th, I was sworn in for my first full term as the State Representative for District 23B in the Minnesota House of Representatives.  I was joined by my two daughters, Stella and Gretta, and wife, Kallie. It is my absolute honor to be your voice at the Capitol. I will work to make the legislative process more transparent and inclusive of the people of Minnesota. This is 'The People's House' and I do not take that lightly.

We are nearing the end of our second full week in the 2019 session. A March for Life rally on Tuesday and a visit by Second Amendment supporters today, brought many citizens to the Capitol this week. Those are both causes I support and it always is good when people come together to share their messages.

I co-authored four important bills which were introduced in the last week:

  • HF 201 – “Stand Your Ground” legislation which clarifies one’s use of self-defense of home or person.  

  • HF 257 – Allows local counties or the State to collect public assistance and resettlement costs from the agency or country involved in settling non-citizens to Minnesota.

  • HF 268 -  “Constitutional Carry” bill.

  • HF 149 – Lifts the gag order insurance companies place on pharmacists, so they can give you the lower, cash price.

Most of my work during the first months of session will take place in House committees. For the 2019-2020 legislative biennium, I have been assigned to serve on three financial committees: Health & Human Services Finance Division, Housing Finance and Policy Division, and the Long-Term Care Division.  I remain committed to reforming our Health & Human Services spending, as it has quickly escalated to 42% of all State spending and puts everything else we do at risk. I am drafting legislation that will lower health care costs by implementing free market reforms to healthcare and allowing competition. Lowering healthcare costs is a priority for me. Even in the minority, I will be a strong advocate on the HHS committee.

It can be a challenge for people at home to keep track of the legislative process. In addition to the information I pass along in email updates, there are a number of other online tools to help people follow along. Here are just a handful of links from non-partisan sources I hope you will find helpful:

  • Minnesota House of Representatives -Information about the legislative process and the Minnesota House of Representatives in general.

  • Session Daily -A nonpartisan publication of Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services which provides hard news from the Capitol.

  • New laws -Compiled by the Minnesota House of Representatives Public Information Services.

  • TV coverage -Coverage is broadcast statewide – along with Minnesota Senate television coverage – on our local PBS station’s digital Minnesota Channel available on many cable systems and is free on over-the-air channels.

  • Your Legislators TV program -Your Legislators is a live one-hour program which runs 8 p.m. Thursdays during the legislative session on public TV. The weekly panels typically include a mix of two Republicans and two Democrats joining moderator Barry Anderson. Viewers are able to submit questions during the show.

  • Streaming video -Live Internet video streaming of all television productions, plus additional coverage not provided on the broadcast channel, including evening, weekend and interim coverage.

  • How a bill becomes law -A 16-page booklet explaining, in a simple, straightforward manner, how a bill moves from an idea to law. Capitol Steps is intended as a resource for junior high school students.

  • Twitter -Follow the Twitter account @MNHouseInfo to see nonpartisan news and other information from the Legislature.

I hope you find this information helpful and also look for my emails with personal insights on the issues throughout the session.

Your input always is welcome on issues that interest you.  I encourage you to contact me if you have any legislative questions, concerns, or ideas. I can be reached by phone at 651-296-4240 or via email at