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Friday, March 6, 2020

Advocating for Intractable Pain Patients

Over the weekend I met with pain patients, and legislators from across the aisle from the House and Senate, to discuss two of my bills, advocating for pain patients. On February 25, I introduced two bills to help patients with intractable pain who experienced unintended, yet devastating impacts, due to the overreaching opioid legislation passed last year.  The first bill, HF3993, provides a voice for pain patients in the opioid workgroup by adding two intractable pain patients as voting members. The opioid workgroup was formed to look at the progress, impacts and potential solutions to opioid addiction, but currently does not allow for the voices of pain patients.  The second bill, HF3746, amends MN law to reduce restrictions on medical providers, so they can appropriately treat their intractable pain patients.  This week I spent over an hour on two radio shows discussing this important legislation with pain patients.

Radio appearances talking about Intractable Pain legislation


Vernon Center Mayor presents bonding project

Vernon Center Wastewater Project

Clean water is not a partisan issue.  This is why there exists a non-partisan method to rank city needs for replacing infrastructure.

This formula weighs the age, use, impact, etc. of a project. Vernon Center’s wastewater pipes and infrastructure are failing and currently rank near the top of the nonpartisan list of needs for state funding. Unfortunately, way too often, special earmarks for pet projects push more important projects off of the state funding list. The residents of Vernon Center have been preparing for this project by making major investments to improve their drinking water, storm sewer, and wastewater infrastructure. However, they need additional funding to start immediately replacing their failing wastewater pipes and infrastructure, and also take advantage of an opportunity to save millions by coordinating with a county road repair project. This is why, Mayor Dana Ziegler and the city clerk and engineer joined me Wednesday evening to testify in the Capital Investment Committee, advocating for the Vernon Center project.


“Cassie’s Law” Received 2nd Hearing

At 11PM Wednesday night, I received a 2nd hearing on “Cassie’s Law,” my bill to help people with traumatic brain injuries, strokes, or FASD who are caught up in the criminal justice system. This bill provides for a neuropsychological exam during the pre-sentence investigation to assist judges with proper sentencing for people with these injuries or disabilities.  I have broad bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate and expect a final vote on Tuesday in its last committee stop. It is time we stop criminalizing mental illness. 


COIVD-19, Coronavirus Briefing

This week in the Health & Human Services Finance Committee, the Commissioner of Health briefed us on the COIVD-19 virus and work Minnesota is doing to prepare for a potential outbreak.  I shared my experience in 2003, where, immediately after a trip to Toronto during the SARS outbreak, I ran a high fever for three days and was the first suspected case of SARS in MN.  The MN Department of Health and CDC were swift to respond, isolate me, and showed impressive coordination.  17 Years later, I can report that MDH is still well prepared, has $4.5 million in an emergency contingency account, and is preparing to shift 150 employees from other job duties at the Department to start working on potential COIVD cases.  Advice from the experts: Wash your hands often and keep your hands away from your face in public.  (Also, clean your smartphone, while you are at it.) 


Give it Back Logo


Coming up Next Week

  • My third and hopefully final hearing on Cassie’s Law
  • On Monday, I will be introducing my “Give It Back Act,” a bill that would return $1,000 to every Minnesota tax filer who had an annual tax liability in the past two years ($2,000 for married couples). This returns the $4 Billion of the extra tax money we have taken from you.    

**Note: Barbara is out March 6-13.  During that time, Luke Sprinkel will be assuming her duties. You can call him directly at 651-296-9183.**

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