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Legislative News and Views - Rep. Jeremy Munson (R)

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Monday, March 9, 2020

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Rep. Jeremy Munson introduced the “Give It Back Act,” HF 4270, a bill that would take the nearly $4 billion budget surplus ($1.5B budgetary balance + $2.4B reserve account) and give it all back to taxpaying Minnesotans by October. Taxpayers in the state would receive a $1,000 refund check for single filers or $2,000 for joint filers.

“Last year, the Minnesota legislature fully funded our state government for two years,” stated Jeremy Munson. “So we have no need to spend a dime of the surplus on more government. That’s why we want the taxpayers to get that money back as soon as possible.” Munson added, “Democrats want to spend the money on more wasteful projects. We want to return money to Minnesota families so they can spend it on things important to them. Let’s not forget, it’s their money in the first place.”

Unlike other bills introduced to cut taxes or provide rebates, this is unique in the Legislature because it is the only bill calling for the budget reserves to go back to the people. “The government is taking money out of the private sector and holding onto it in cash for some rainy day,” said Jeremy Munson. “So long as there’s $2.4 billion not in our economy, waiting for a day to be spent on more government, government will fail to clean up waste, fraud, and abuse of money in state agencies.”

In addition to the “Give it Back Act,” Munson is also a co-sponsor of

  • HF4217 to end the 1.8% tax on all medical bills, otherwise known as the provider tax or the “sick tax.”
  • HF3619 to end the tax on Social Security income for Minnesota seniors.
  • Multiple bills that provide full conformity to schedule 179 expensing, which is a top priority for farmers and small businesses.