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Oct. 1st - Weekly Newsletter

Friday, October 1, 2021


Rep. Jeremy Munson




Friday, October 1st, 2021 -- 

After a years-long legal battle with environmentalists, the new line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota finally began safely transporting energy to the market today. It replaces a degraded, sixty-year-old pipeline, which was at risk of breaching, and damaging the environment. For years it was transporting less than its capacity because of its age and corrosion.

The $8.2 billion private investment has employed thousands of Minnesotans and improved the land, and tax value for many northern Minnesota communities. 

The biggest takeaway of this project's completion is that it shows the direction of the energy industry. While other new pipeline projects are being tied up in courts, or dragged into public debate, our existing infrastructure is begging for modernization. If this past year has taught us anything it's how important it is to modernize our energy infrastructure. From the colonial pipeline being shut down over a hacking attack, to COVID-19 fundamentally changing international supply chains we need to bring our energy infrastructure into the 21st century.

Green Energy Science Deniers

Supply chain

You Tube video here

If we look at the supply chains, [link to video] all energy production emits carbon and causes some level of air or ground pollution. We must assess the impact of all energy supply chains. As I show in this video, promoters of Green Energy are denying the science of how their products are mined, processed, manufactured, and recycled. Nearly all “green energy” relies on slavery and causes horrendous environmental destruction to developing nations. All Republicans and one Democrat voted to ban slavery from taxpayer funded products. In Washington DC this week, all Democrats voted in favor of slavery on a similar amendment brought forward by Minnesota Congressman Stauber. 

We can and should do better.

Vaccine Exemptions

Last month, President Joe Biden announced his unconstitutional nationwide vaccine mandate. The president cannot unilaterally make these demands of you, and I believe it is our moral duty to stand up to this tyranny and government overreach. 

I recognize that a great number of you are facing extremely tough decisions at home. Many have contacted me, and are concerned that you will have to choose between keeping your job or making the medical decisions that are right for you. I hope the following information will be helpful in your decision. This is not legal advise. 

President Biden’s mandate does include exemptions for medical reasons.  If you or your family has a history of adverse reactions to vaccines, or have medical concerns, talk with your doctor. They can provide your employer with a medical exemption.

The mandate also includes an exemption for religious reasons. This is a very important and personal topic. The Wisconsin Catholic Conference recently wrote a letter which stated: “Should the Church or any other organization force a person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine? No. Nobody should violate the sanctity of conscience by forcing a person to do something contrary to his or her conscience.” 

The entire letter can be viewed Here 

Furthermore, some of the vaccine manufacturers have not conclusively stated whether aborted fetal tissue cells were used in the development of their vaccines. No one should be forced to take a vaccine if they cannot be sure whether it violates the tenets of their faith. This is a legitimate religious exemption.  

Additionally, the mandate also allows people to participate in weekly COVID testing instead of getting a vaccine. This can be burdensome, but it is an option if you have no desire to get the vaccine and while the legal challenges to the mandate are litigated through the judicial branch. 

I have received many phone calls and messages from constituents whose employers accepted the religious exemptions. Many employers, now facing the potential of fines for non-compliance, are happy to check the boxes for exemptions. 

Because of President Biden, the economy has ground to a screeching halt. Businesses across the country are unable to hire new employees and find new workers. The hiring market is worse than ever, and every employer is desperate to retain their workforce. Employers would be hard-pressed to lose 10-20% of their employees over a questionable mandate from the government. 

If we are called back into special session, I will support legislation which removes government vaccine mandates on employees and private businesses.



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Thank you for being engaged in Government,


Jeremy Munson

State Representative, 23B


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