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Oct. 22nd - Weekly Newsletter

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday, October 22nd, 2021 -- 

On Monday, Governor Tim Walz decided to pay parents $200 for every child they authorize the State to inject with the COVID shot.  The program targets low-income children between the ages of 12 and 17, with a $200 gift card if they get the shot by November 30th. To further incentivize low-income parents and those with poor math skills, their names will be entered for a slim chance at a $100,000 college scholarship.

“Governor Walz is bribing children into taking a shot while incentivizing parents with a ridiculous chance of a lottery scholarship, so they sign the permission slip,” said Rep. Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal). “Congress has granted pharmaceutical manufacturers complete civil and criminal immunity from vaccine injuries and deaths. Nevertheless, Governor Walz is trying to trick kids into getting a shot that President Biden has admitted could be harmful.”

On October 1st, President Biden directed the U.S. Department of Labor to set up a vaccine injury fund for federal workers. This fund will compensate federal employees if they are injured or killed as a result of taking a COVID-19 vaccine. To learn more, see the Department of Labor website HERE

No similar vaccine injury fund is available for Minnesota kids being targeted by Governor Walz, and the Vaccine Court has paid over $4.8 billion for vaccine injuries or deaths but has never paid a dime for injuries to children.  In announcing Governor Walz’s new vaccine incentive program, Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan said, “Our children deserve a shot of protection from these safe, effective vaccines.”

In response to parents sending me screenshots of the MN Dept of Health texting their children directly, I have drafted legislation prohibiting all state agencies from contacting minors without the explicit permission of parents.

House Remains Closed

Melissa Hortman, the Democrat Speaker of the MN House, sent an email this week announcing the continuation of hybrid and remote work for next year's legislative session. This means lobbyists and special interest groups will continue writing legislation and spending your money with limited public input, just as they have the past two years. Staff is being forced to work remotely. The communication and ability to legislate will be hindered. Power and influence are centralized. The lobbyists win. The taxpayers lose. 

It's okay to attend an indoor hockey game with thousands of unmasked screaming fans, and the democrats are holding in-person, unmasked fundraisers all over the metro, but they insist 134 lawmakers cannot meet to do the people’s business.

DFL controlled House rules: masks everywhere, staff all-remote, committee meetings all remote, floor sessions remote or with masks, regardless of shot status. State office building close to the public. 

Republican-controlled Senate rules: no masks, in-person meetings, and in-person floor sessions. Constituent meetings in-person at the Senate office building. Staff are in the office. 

I only have one question, when does it end?

Weekly Legislative Podcast

Protect our children

On this week’s legislative podcast, I provide background information on my legislation to reinstate liability for vaccine manufacturers - a bill I authored a year prior to COVID. I also provide more details on the “Stranger Danger Bill,” banning the Government from contacting your children without your permission. I provide an update on redistricting and also discuss rent control initiatives in the MN House and those being discussed for Minneapolis and St Paul.