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Legislative Update; My 2022 Priorities

Sunday, February 6, 2022



Sunday, February 6, 2022

The first week of the 2022 legislative session has begun. My priorities for this session are simple:

  1. Give it ALL Back: We have overtaxed you and have a $12 billion dollar surplus. You deserve a rainy day fund - we do not. We have already budgeted for our State government for two years - all of this money should be returned to the taxpayers from who we took it. “Targeted Tax Cuts” translates into lobbyist and special interest handouts. We must send it back through electronic deposits or tax credits. Two years ago, I introduced a bill called the “Give it Back Act,” which would return all of the state's surplus to the taxpayer. If we took the entire surplus at present (including the stacks of cash from previous surpluses still unspent), we could return nearly FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS to every Minnesotan taxpayer, not the $300 check Walz has proposed.
  2. Restore Election Integrity: People’s faith in our election has eroded and the state legislature is the only entity with the authority to change election laws - not the Governor, nor Congress, nor the Secretary of State through consent decrees. I have authored a bill requiring voter ID, providing IDs for anyone who cannot afford one, and allowing provisional ballots for those who need further verification. If people lose faith in elections, they lose faith in government.
  3. Never Again Will We Allow Tyrannical Rule: A government in which all power belongs to one person IS the definition of tyranny. The Governor abused his constitutional authority when he began unilaterally writing law, fining and jailing dissidents without the legislature’s involvement. The separation of powers required in our constitution specifically prohibits one branch of government from executing the duties of another. I am an author of the Never Again Bill which will restrain the Governor from making a mockery of the constitution.

In addition to my three priorities, I have authored several additional bills to expand and protect individual liberty, reform the legislative and election process, and hold the government accountable to the citizens of Minnesota. For a full list of bills which I authored during this biennium, you can read them HERE. If you would like to change a law or partner with me to write legislation, please contact me to set up a meeting.



TitleShort Description
HF2827Permit to Carry Age ChangeThis bill amends the permit to carry a pistol application. It lowers the age of eligibility to 18 years of age, as opposed to 21 years of age at present (the constitution and the 2nd Amendment should apply to all adults)
HF3012Electronic application, software, or other technology use prohibited from limiting a state agency's maintenance and preservation of state records.State employees would be banned from using encrypted messaging and texting applications which currently prevent ‘freedom of information’ data requests. This holds the government accountable. 
HF2891Government entities prohibited from sending unsolicited communications to minors and creating mass communications targeting minors.This would prohibit the State government from texting, calling, messaging, emailing, and directing social media ads to minors unless a parent or guardian opted to allow it. Bribing an 11-year-old with concert tickets in exchange for a vaccine would be no longer be allowed.
HF2760Vaccine Mandate; Ability to SueThis bill allows for any employee in Minnesota to sue their employer if they impose a vaccine mandate if the individual suffers any injuries (Congress has given Big Pharma immunity)
HF2755Transparent ElectionsThis bill prohibits incumbents from handing their legislative seat to a chosen successor (Drains the swamp)
HF2754Candidate's Proof of ResidencyThis bill would require legislators to live in their districts and creates financial and criminal penalties for those who do not (yes, this is actually an issue) 
HF2731Madelia; off-sale liquor license authorizedAuthorizing a new wine cafe in Madelia to sell wine in competition with the city’s municipal liquor store
HF2685Parents MUST be PresentThis bill is common sense and requires that a parent or legal guardian must be present for any vaccine administration to a minor.
HF26842nd Amendment at the State FairLast year, the State Fair banned all firearms, which is not allowed under the law. This bill clarifies citizens' right to lawfully carry a firearm for protection at the State Fair. 

This week, the House passed a bill to extend the presumption of COVID-19 being contracted at the workplace for workers' compensation claims from frontline workers until January 13, 2023. The vote was 124-8.

I spoke against the bill and argued that because the economy is mostly open now, COVID-19 can be contracted from a variety of places, not just on the job. This is especially true for part-time workers. Having to presume that a worker contracted COVID from the job went from being probable during lockdown to only possible now, and this bill continues the presumption. I noted that this doesn't just cover government employees but some private employers like childcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics. In addition, I argued that because we are no longer in an emergency situation and the severity of the disease continues to decrease, lawmakers should take the time to understand the fiscal impacts and the actual need for extending the presumption for another year.

Watch the video here:

The Speaker of the House has locked the doors of my office in St Paul - so it is not open to the public. I will be holding office hours in the district. Please contact my assistant by email to arrange a meeting in person or by phone. 

Thank you for being engaged in your government,

Jeremy Munson

State Representative, 23B


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact my office or me. We are still attempting to provide regular contact remotely, so if you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Grayson, at

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