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Dec 31st, 2021 - Weekly Newsletter

Friday, December 31, 2021



Friday December 31st, 2021 -- 

Happy New Year to you and your family! For many of you, like myself, I am sure that you are rejoicing for 2021 to finally come to a close. Now we can look ahead to 2022 with hopes of finally putting COVID in the rearview mirror. With the midterms quickly approaching we will get a chance to see if Americans approve of the quasi dictatorial rule of Governor Walz and his henchmen. While we have lost an unprecedented number of Minnesota residents to more tax-friendly, and freedom-loving states we need to make a stand. This is our home, our north star and we cannot let it continue to be destroyed by democrats. 

Aside from the gross abuses of power we have seen from Governor Walz, the legislature was able to push through some good legislation at reeling back government authority. My caucus was successfully able to pass legislation that enforces laws on the book that make it illegal for a legislator to be on the payroll of lobbying firms. While this is already illegal in the state, multiple legislators on both sides of the aisle receive huge paychecks from out-of-state firms to help push their agendas. This is a direct erosion of our republic and shows a complete lack of care for their constituents; they put money over people. 

Additionally in the House climate and energy committee, we saw California-style emission regulations pushed by the administration and radical St Paul democrats. These regulations' sole purpose is to provide more taxpayer money to incentivize electric vehicles. I spoke about the many issues found in the supply chain for electric vehicles when mining polysilicon, nickel, and cobalt. These metals are crucial for the construction of electric vehicles and solar panels. Yet we know that in order to mine these metals the companies are using slaves. Essentially the state of Minnesota wants to use your tax dollars to subsidize slavery in Africa and China in order to advance liberals' dreams of solar panels and electric car utopias. Even the White House has denounced China’s abuse of the Uyghur Muslims for polysilicon. We cannot push these agendas at the expense of human rights. 

2022 holds much in store for the future of this nation but its success lies in the hands of every Minnesotan. It is up to you to become involved in government and make a stand for what you believe in. 

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Thank you for being engaged in your government,

Jeremy Munson

State Representative, 23B


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