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Edelson Announces Coordination with Local Communities on THC Product Enforcement

Thursday, July 7, 2022

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Today, Rep. Heather Edelson (DFL - Edina) announced additional measures to control and regulate products allowed under the new THC edibles law. Rep. Edelson has worked with the League of Minnesota Cities and local communities to help develop guidance as they consider policies and tools to ensure the effective day-to-day operation and enforcement of the new low-dose THC edible law.

Over the past several weeks Rep. Edelson has had many conversations with the League of Minnesota Cities, Mayors, Council Members, and City Managers about the new policy. The new law gives a great deal of local control to municipalities to implement what will work best in their respective communities. The law empowers local municipalities to create ordinances in areas such as: 

Licensure: This can be done in the same way tobacco products are sold within their cities

Compliance and enforcement: This can be done in an effective way through already existing departments that run checks on alcohol and tobacco 

Zoning and Retail Locations: Identifying where these products can be sold within their communities 

Each city and town throughout the State of Minnesota may take a different approach as they decide if they will adopt an ordinance to offer more clarity for retailers and residents. 

“This law is absolutely a positive step for Minnesotans to access products in a safe and legal way,” Rep. Edelson said. “That said, with every law we pass at the state level, issues will arise throughout the year when the Minnesota Legislature is not in session. The ability for municipalities to offer important guidance and clarity on day-to-day operations and compliance within a city is vital. I look forward to continuing conversations with the League of Minnesota Cities as well as other local municipalities individually to ensure they understand their authority and to help this law operate successfully.”

This law makes clear the importance of sales to only those age 21 or older, that the product must not bear the likeness to candy, animals or fruit, it must have child proof packaging and be within the 5 mg per serving and 50 mg per package with labeling of ingredients. Akin to T21 and state-level tobacco policies, local governments will play an important role in ensuring effective implementation and enforcement.

Rep. Edelson is also currently working on a bill for the 2023 session that will provide licensing on the state level, along with other needed changes that arise between now and then.


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