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Legislative Update - One Week Left

Friday, May 12, 2023
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Dear Neighbors,  

The 2022 Legislative Session is constitutionally required to end on Monday, May 22, but with the pace of our work, we’re aiming for Thursday, May 18 to be our deadline for passing the state budget - giving us just under a week to get it over the finish line.

We’re well on our way to passing our complete state budget into law, with several budget bills already passing both chambers, including our Veterans, Higher Education, Legacy, and Agriculture budgets.  

Another budget bill on its way to Governor Walz is our final Housing budget! This budget makes $1 billion in investments, our state’s most significant commitment to addressing our housing crisis in state history. In doing so, we’re creating housing stability for Minnesota families on the brink of homelessness through new state-based housing vouchers, spurring the production of new homes across the state, and delivering pathways to homeownership for thousands of Minnesotans. 

This is a home run of a housing bill, and it will mean that thousands more Minnesotans will have a better shot at opening a door to their own home – one that gives them the economic security to succeed and thrive. Just a few years ago it would be unfathomable to think of the legislature making an investment in housing that begins with a ‘B,’ but thanks to the advocacy of Minnesotans across the state we are ready to make history. 

It has been an incredible honor to chair the Housing Committee in the House this year, and I’m so incredibly proud of the budget we’ve put together. You can watch my remarks on our budget bill here.



Taking Action on Gun Violence Prevention  

Later tonight, we expect to take action on a public safety bill that includes common sense gun violence prevention provisions, including background checks on all gun sales and red flag laws. Once the Senate and House pass these provisions, they will go to the Governor for his signature.

My goodness, this is long overdue. I am thankful for all of the constituents and advocates, especially our young leaders, who have been pushing for us to take action on gun violence for years. We are listening and ready to pass these common sense, life-saving bills.  



What I am fighting for  

In the remaining days of the legislative session, there are many outstanding issues where it’s vital we take action. Here is my short list of my bills and priorities I am fighting to deliver on before the session ends:  

  • Paid family and medical leave access for all Minnesota workers
  • Securing bonding dollars to reconstruct the Wood Lake Nature Center building
  • Passing my bill to cap the cost of insulin, asthma inhalers, and epi-pens
  • Investing in our kids with historic investments from child care to public education
  • Legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis

Are there issues important to you that the legislature should address in the final days of the session? I would love to hear from you as we work earnestly to build a budget that creates a stronger future for all of us.  



Our Accomplishments (so far)

Last year, Minnesotans spoke loud and clear when they delivered a DFL House, Senate, and Governor. They were tired of the gridlock and political games that only resulted in Minnesotans being left behind. Not this year. 

With only a few remaining days, I imagine I’ll have a lot to share with you soon about our final state budget, what it does for Minnesotans, and the direct impact it’ll have on our community. It’s really shaping up to be a once in a generation investment in our state, and while it’ll be the crowning achievement of our work this year, I don’t want it to overshadow the great bills that have already been signed into law since we got started in January.

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