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Legislative News and Views - Rep. Hodan Hassan (DFL)

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Legislative Update from Rep. Hodan Hassan

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Friends and neighbors, 

There are many exciting things happening at the Capitol, and I am eager to share what we are working on with you. In this update, I will touch on bills related to housing, education, paid family and medical leave, driver's licenses for all, free school lunch, clean energy, and clean water. Simply put, I am proud to be able to report that DFLers are delivering for Minnesota. 



Strengthening Tenants Rights 

This session, I am the chief author of HF 319, which strengthens tenants' rights in Minnesota, requiring landlords to provide a 14-day notice to a tenant for unpaid rent before filing an eviction notice. This will give folks falling on hard times time to catch up on rent, preventing many from ending up on the street. I am committed to increasing safeguards for renters, and I am determined to get this done for you. 



I am also the chief author of two important education-focused bills. HF 320 will strengthen the Teachers of Color Act, which will help to increase the number of teachers of color in Minnesota schools. Minnesota public schools are growing more and more diverse, and to set our students up for success, it is important that our students see themselves represented in the classroom.    

Another education-focused bill, HF 651, would add a personal finance class requirement for high school graduation in Minnesota. By not making sure our students have the real-world skills to understand and manage their finances, we are doing Minnesota’s young adults a disservice. This bill will ensure our graduating seniors have the financial literacy to navigate life after high school. 

Paid Family Leave  

I am also proud to be a co-author of HF 2, which will ensure paid family and medical leave for Minnesotans. Currently, some Minnesotans are eligible for paid family leave through their employer, but many can only receive unpaid leave. This bill will give workers time and financial security to be with their loved ones during the most joyful and challenging moments of their lives. We all know that the first weeks after birth or the new placement of a foster or adoptive child is a critical time for families.    

Once passed, the legislation will provide workers with up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave per year.      


Drivers Licenses for All  
As promised, I want to provide an update on the Drivers Licenses for All bill. The opportunity to earn a driver’s license is a human right, and a necessity for all of our communities to be safe commuting and traveling on our roads. It’s time to allow all Minnesotans to earn a Drivers Licenses – regardless of documentation status.  

The bill is headed to the House floor on Monday. I am optimistic that we will get this done for Minnesotans.  


Free School Lunch 

I am working alongside Rep. Jordan and several other colleagues to provide continued free breakfast and lunch to all public school students in Minnesota. This was a program that provided relief to struggling families during the pandemic, and it's something that DFLers are committed to continuing.  

One in six kids in Minnesota struggle with food insecurity. Simply put, students cannot perform at their best on an empty stomach. The bill is making its way through committee hearings. I look forward to updating you on this initiative as it progresses. 


100% By 2040 

The last eight years globally have been the hottest on record, and Minnesota is among the top states currently seeing rapid changes to our climate. Scientists know that climate change driven by fossil fuels is impacting our environment, infrastructure, and our health. Minnesota has long been a leader in clean energy, but partisan gridlock in recent years has hindered attempts to combat climate change. 

Today, the 100% by 2040 bill, a landmark piece of legislation that will help our state address climate change head-on and prepare for a carbon-free future, will be heard on the House Floor. 

This legislation would require that the state’s utilities use entirely carbon-free sources for electricity production by 2040. This would put us on track with over 20 other states that have also adopted similar goals. I am looking forward to voting in favor of this important legislation. 

Helping First Generation Homebuyers 

Another exciting piece of legislation we are working on is HF 12, which establishes a pilot program to help first-generation homebuyers to purchase a home by funding closing costs, down payments, and principal reduction. This will help many Minnesotans whose families have been stuck in the renter cycle for generations finally own their homes and start building generational wealth. I will keep you updated as this bill progresses.  


Eliminating Lead Drinking Pipes 

Finally, I’m excited to be working on HF 24, which would help municipalities replace lead service lines used for drinking water, with the goal of eliminating them completely over time. While municipal water sources are tested and monitored for lead, many old homes and buildings still contain lead pipes that deliver the water. Replacement of these pipes is expensive for homeowners, and this will aid in  correcting these dangerous lead levels. 


Keep in Touch 

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon this session, so be sure to follow my Facebook page for timely updates.   

Please continue to share your questions, ideas, and feedback with me throughout the legislative session. You can reach me by email at You can contact my Legislative Assistant, Elijah, at 651-296-1761 or via email at  

I am incredibly honored to get to work for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me with this honor.  


In solidarity,   

Rep. Hodan Hassan