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Legislative News and Views - Rep. Hodan Hassan (DFL)

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Legislative Update from Rep. Hodan Hassan

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Friends and neighbors, 

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy as my colleagues and I continue working hard for Minnesotans. Since my last update, I have presented over 15 bills in committee, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my progress with you on some important issues.  

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East Phillips Roof Depot

Last week, I introduced legislation to invest $20 million into the East Phillips Neighborhood Institute for the East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm project. This is a bill I have introduced in every single one of my three terms in the legislature. Now, with the city of Minneapolis intending to demolish the East Phillips Roof Depot, this investment is critical.  

With all of the buzz in the news about this project, I want to let you know that the process of securing this funding will take time, as we have specific rules and processes we have to follow here in the legislature.  

Please know that I am working to deliver for my community that has suffered for so long. 

The East Phillips neighborhood has been burdened with severe environmental racism and injustice for years, with high levels of pollution causing adverse health effects to residents. The neighborhood, which includes the Little Earth of United Tribes community, has found detectable and dangerous levels of arsenic on commercial and residential property, including the land the Roof Depot is on. The community has experienced high asthma rates, with asthma rates in children being two times higher than the state average.  

With a third of East Phillips residents living below the poverty line, the community is in great need of affordable housing, investment in jobs and infrastructure, and sustainable development.  

The funding this legislation would provide would give the community the opportunity to further negotiate with the city to repurpose the Roof Depot into an urban farm complex, creating jobs, housing, and sustainable food sources. 


Protecting Rideshare Drivers from Exploitation

Last week, I presented a bill to the Labor Industry Finance and Policy committee to increase protections for rideshare drivers. Companies such as Uber and Lyft hire drivers as independent contractors, which leaves drivers responsible for both employer and employee taxes and expenses, exempts the company from providing benefits, and excludes drivers from many standard workplace protections.  

Thank you to the Minnesota Uber/Lyft Drivers Association for helping us fill the committee room with drivers and families to testify about working conditions and insufficient, unlivable wages. 


Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have been exploiting their drivers for years, and the problem is only getting worse. Not only do drivers have to pay all of their own expenses including their car, commercial insurance, and gas, but they’re subject to abuse from riders and termination without a word or reason from the company. These companies are putting the majority of their expenses on the drivers, operating with little overhead and leaving drivers with 40-50% of a ride fare on average. It is abundantly clear that these companies have no interest in caring for their drivers, and we must act immediately to stand up for these vulnerable workers. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to make your voice heard. I will continue to fight for you. 

high five


The Increase Teachers of Color Act

I recently joined Senators Omar Fateh and Mary Kunesh, as well as Representative Alicia Kozlowski for a press conference on legislation known as the Increase Teachers of Color act.  

Minnesota public schools are growing more and more diverse, and to set our students up for success, it is important that our students see themselves represented in the classroom. I’m proud to carry this legislation in the House so that generations to come can envision bright futures for themselves at an early age. 

You can watch the press conference here.   


Increasing Mental Health Practices and Access

Another bill I introduced adds mental health services based on traditional healing practices of cultural communities to the list of services eligible for children’s mental health grants. 

It also adds the requirement for medical assistance to cover sign and oral language interpreter services during mental health treatment when provided by an enrolled health care provider. It also establishes a cultural and ethnic minority infrastructure grant program, to ensure that behavioral health supports and services are culturally specific and culturally responsive. 

This legislation fills in gaps left by our current system and will help expand mental health access and practices to communities that are currently underrepresented.  


Strengthening Tenants Rights

I am currently carrying several bills that would increase tenants' rights, and HF 647 would require expungement of eviction records in certain cases. In cases where an eviction case goes to court, if the court decides in favor of the tenant, dismisses the landlord’s complaint, a settlement is agreed upon, or the eviction is more than three years old, the court would be required to wipe the eviction from the tenant’s record.  

90% of evictions are due to non-payment. The past few years have been incredibly difficult for many families, and it doesn’t take much for someone to fall upon hard times and not be able to make rent. 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and that number rises significantly in black and brown communities.  

That’s why another bill I’m carrying would require a landlord to give a tenant 14-day notice before filing an eviction. This will give people time to catch up on missed payments rather than ending up without a home.  


Keep in Touch

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon this session, so be sure to follow my Facebook page for timely updates.   

Please continue to share your questions, ideas, and feedback with me throughout the legislative session. You can reach me by email at You can contact my Legislative Assistant, Elijah, at 651-296-1761 or via email at  

I am incredibly honored to get to work for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me with this honor.  


In solidarity,   

Rep. Hodan Hassan