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Legislative Update - Last Days of Session

Friday, May 17, 2024

Beloved Community,

Session will come to a close on Monday. With only a few days remaining and several important bills left to pass we will meet long into the night and over the weekend. These last few days can be pretty tough as we work to pass laws that’ll benefit Minnesotans, but in the end it’s worth it when we come out on the other end with laws that make our state a better place to live. Here’s an update from the Capitol:

House Budget Bills Passed, Work on Compromise With Senate Begins

The House has passed each of its supplemental budget and policy bills off of the floor, covering important issues such as labor, housing, the environment, and more. Over the last week we have been meeting with our Senate counterparts to align our separate budget bills. Once we agree on the final layout of each bill we will vote on them before session ends. 

For my part I’ve been working closely with my Senate counterpart, Senator Ann Rest, as we work to compromise on a final Tax Bill. While we do have some strong philosophical differences when it comes to tax policy, we’ve worked well together in the past, and I’m confident we can reach a good compromise. As always I will focus on passing legislation which uplifts working-class Minnesotans and holds the ultra wealthy and large corporations accountable.


Our work this year builds on last year’s historic successes and works to improve the lives of working and middle class Minnesotans. Here are brief descriptions of the House versions of the bills:

  • A broadly bipartisan bill investing $240 million in our outdoors, clean water, parks and trails, and cultural heritage from the Legacy Amendment fund.
  • An Environment and Natural Resources bill with new investments in tree planting, improving air quality, holding repeat polluters accountable, and tackling solid waste and recycling.
  • A Children and Families bill that reforms our child protection system and builds on historic investments in economic support for families, food security, and emergency shelter.
  • A Transportation, Labor, and Housing bill that invests in railroad safety and public transit, enhances worker rights and safety, improves housing stability for renters and seniors, and funds homelessness prevention.
  • A Workforce and Economic Development bill, securing investments for employment and training programs.
  • A Taxes bill improving the tax system for working class Minnesotans by expanding the Child Tax Credit and creating a direct tax filing system.
  • An Elections bill that strengthens our elections for local units of government.
  • A Health bill which expands access to health care coverage, makes care more affordable by reducing cost sharing, and reforms medical debt to ensure all Minnesotans have the quality health care they deserve.
  • And an Energy, Commerce and Agriculture bill which speeds up our clean energy transition, increases data privacy standards for Minnesotans, and improves critical agriculture programs.

Statehood Day

Last Saturday, May 11, 2024, Minnesota celebrated 166 years of statehood. The Minnesota State Flag and Seal approved by the State Emblems Redesign Commission early this year became the official state emblems. This is a culmination of months gathering input from and engaging with Minnesotans to find consensus on a flag and seal that represents the best of all of us. 


Slow Mow Summer

You’ve probably heard of “No Mow May” and may have even participated in making your lawn more pollinator-friendly! While it’s a catchy slogan, researchers from the University of Minnesota Bee Lab have modified the popular campaign due to additional research on best practices for pollinators and lawn health.

“Slow Mow Summer” takes the sentiment of “No Mow May'' and expands it to the entire growing season. Many bee species do not even emerge from hibernation until June or July, when self-heal, ground plum, lanceleaf tickweed, or calico American aster may be blooming in your lawn. Mowing after lawn flowers bloom instead of before is the main goal of “Slow Mow Summer.” You can learn more about how best to help native pollinators survive and thrive here!


Keep In Touch

As always, feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions you have for me! I always appreciate working in partnership with you. You can also follow me on my Facebook page

In solidarity,

Aisha Gomez