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Capitol Newsletter from Rep. Paul Novotny

Friday, April 12, 2024

Dear Neighbors,

On Thursday, the House approved this year’s education policy omnibus bill. Remember, last year Democrats passed more than 65 new mandates on schools, costing them millions of dollars and making it harder to educate students.

While we heard Gov. Walz and others champion “historic” funding increases, dozens of school districts across Minnesota have had to approve deep budget cuts and lay off teachers just to comply with the mandates.

During the debate on Thursday, we proposed several amendments that would have lessened the burden on school districts. Unfortunately, Democrats rejected our efforts and instead doubled down on their decisions from last year.

Students and teachers deserve better than what they’re getting from the Democrat trifecta.

Election Integrity

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved an elections policy bill that makes several changes to the way Minnesota conducts its elections.

For years, Minnesota had a long-standing tradition of making sure that any changes to the state’s election laws must receive bipartisan support. In recent years, with full Democrat control, we have seen this tradition thrown to the side.

This year’s legislation did not receive a single Republican vote and there were several concerning provisions in the bill including one that allows voters to describe where they’re living while filling out a voter registration form rather than listing an actual address.

This sort of change is a recipe for voter fraud. For example, all a person would have to do is claim that they live in the gray house near Main Street, and then they’ll be handed a ballot. No address is necessary.

The bill also does nothing to guarantee people will live in a proposed Senate or House district when it comes to redistricting; fails to stop nonprofits that receive government funds from using that money for campaigns; and fails to add safeguards that will prevent illegal immigrants from voting in Minnesota’s election.

Minnesotans deserve free and fair elections and to know that their ballot will be counted.

Supporting Law Enforcement

On Wednesday, we heard news that two Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were injured while serving a warrant in Minnetonka. One deputy was shot, and the other sustained injuries during the incident.

Thankfully, both deputies involved in this week’s incident are expected to make a full recovery.

Every day, officers put on their uniforms, say goodbye to their families, and step into a world that has become increasingly hostile to their work and one where criminals have become further emboldened to do them harm. Now more than ever, law enforcement needs to know that they have the full support of elected officials and that we will do everything we can to make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Democrats need to stop blocking legislation that would allow law enforcement agencies to use last year’s $300 million in public safety aid to purchase armored tactical vehicles. We have seen time and again the importance of these vehicles during hostage negotiations and barricade situations.

If Gov. Walz and Democrats were serious about supporting law enforcement, they would allow this change in law to take place.

Please continue to keep law enforcement and their families in your thoughts and prayers during this ongoing difficult time. A simple thank you or sign of your appreciation and support can go a long way.

Staying in Touch

Make sure to reach out to my office if you plan to be in St. Paul anytime soon. It would be great to meet with you. I can be reached by phone at 651-296-4237 or via email at

Have a good day,