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Legislative Update: April 19, 2024

Friday, April 19, 2024

Dear Neighbors, 

It’s finally spring and flowers are starting to blossom (and so are my allergies). And you know what they say around the Capitol – spring showers bring floor debates for hours. We are now at the point in the legislative session where the bulk of our work shifts from committees to passing bills on the House floor. Like our budget bills last year, these policy bills will follow a similar route.

I look forward to keeping you posted as we debate and pass legislation to improve the lives of Minnesotans. Keep your emails and calls coming - I appreciate hearing what you think about the policy we are considering in the legislature. 

Here is an update from St. Paul.


Junk Fees Legislation Passes Minnesota House 

Last week, the Minnesota House passed my legislation to ban junk fees. Junk fees include charges corporations use at the end of a transaction, such as convenience and processing fees — which can cost Americans tens of billions of dollars annually. Consumer Reports estimates the average family of four loses more than $3,200 per year to junk fees, and much more if they make a significant purchase such as a car. Utilities, cell phone bills, cable bills, rent, student fees, and more are all subject to junk fees.

Junk fees are often a sneaky way for companies to increase prices and obscure the true total cost of their product or service for families, at a time when many families are struggling to meet basic needs. These fees allow companies to show a lower dollar amount at the start of a sale, but by the time you’re ready to pay, they may have added unexplainable fees so the final cost can be almost twice as much as the original number. My bill would require price transparency by giving consumers a clear, up-front all-inclusive understanding of an item’s true cost and allowing them to make informed decisions about the products and services they choose.

We held a press conference last Thursday on this issue, which you can view here.

Elections Policy Bill Passes House 

Last session, we took great strides in Minnesota to strengthen the freedom to vote and to expand inclusive multi-racial, multi-generational participation in our democracy. Our democracy works best when everyone has a voice in the decisions we make together. Last week, the House took additional steps in passing the Elections Committee Policy bill. Included is my legislation, the Minnesota Voting Rights Act.

The Minnesota Voting Rights Act codifies and strengthens the Federal Voting Rights Act protections against racial discrimination in voting into Minnesota law, ensuring the right to vote and participate guaranteed by the 14th and 15th Amendments are not denied because of race.

In the era when the Federal Courts have become increasingly hostile to voting rights protections, it is imperative to do our job and ensure that Minnesota voters have the robust protections intended when the Voting Rights Act was passed. 


Other Recent Floor Votes

So far, the House has begun passing policy bill packages in major issue areas building on the work of our historically productive 2023 session and improving the lives of Minnesotans. The House passed two policy bills supporting our Departments of Military Affairs and Veterans Affairs, which passed with unanimous support.

We also passed a higher education policy bill that includes the clean energy sector in our Workforce Development Scholarship Program and expands support in higher education for students who have a disability. Additionally, we advanced an early education policy bill focused on strengthening our pre-kindergarten and school readiness programs. Finally, we approved a transportation policy package that improves road safety, DVS wait times, child passenger safety, and consumer protections. 


Stay in Touch

Thank you for your time, energy, and all you do to make our community a great place for everyone.

Please reach out and let us know about events and meetings you’d like me to attend. And always reach out to me with your input and ideas, or if I can ever be of assistance. My email is or you are always welcome to call me at the Capitol at 651-296-4200 and follow my Facebook page for updates.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be your State Representative. I'm very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together and look forward to the work we have ahead of us. Together we can create a stronger, brighter future for all Minnesotans!  


Emma Greenman

State Representative