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Legislative Update - Rep. Tom Murphy

Friday, April 28, 2023

Legislative Update

I am working on legislation that will be introduced to study the effects MNRA vaccines have on our livestock. There have been conflicting reports on how these gene therapies affect the animals and whether those effects can be passed on to humans that consume them. This will be important information to have when considering regulations that may be added around these meats and to protect consumers. I have met with the Commissioner of Ag on this bill as it would have them oversee the U of M conducting this study.

Even MORE Extreme on Abortion

House Democrats pushed their extreme abortion agenda even further this week by repealing the “Born Alive Act” that was passed in 2015. By striking this statute from law doctors can be instructed to not provide life-saving care to a newborn infant. It is absolutely unthinkable that our state will remove these important protections for life. As a mother of four, I know life begins at conception and I will always protect the unborn.

Freedom of Speech Snitch Line

This week, the House majority passed a public safety bill (S.F. 2909) that includes provisions that raise concerns about our constitutional rights. One measure in the bill causes questions about the First Amendment. The bill proposes creating a hate-incident registry, which would be a government database of perceived "hate incidents" that fall short of criminal acts. These could be as simple as a social media post that criticizes a group or wearing a t-shirt in support of a movement. It's important to note that "hate crimes" are already tracked. As a result, people could be placed in a "hate incident" registry, even if there's no documentation that the event happened.

This comes just days after it was revealed that the DOJ has been tracking churchgoers. Republicans in Congress are planning to investigate this misuse of the FBI and correct the abuses of this administration. The whole story can be found here: FOX News

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