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Friday, May 3, 2024

ST. PAUL – State Representative Steve Jacob (R-Altura) said the Democrats’ assault on your 2nd Amendment rights continued recently, as the majority party in the Minnesota House approved 3 measures that will punish law abiding gun owners.


“I have received more emails from people that are concerned about infringements on their gun rights than almost any other issue since I have been elected,” Jacob said. 


Last year, Democrats – who control both bodies of the legislature and the governor’s office - enacted “universal” background checks and red flag confiscation orders. Now, they have approved legislation that establishes an arbitrary deadline for reporting lost and stolen firearms; and created an expanded definition of trigger activators, which may impact some commonly used guns. 


But the biggest change, according to Jacob, would place additional firearm storage burdens on law-abiding firearm owners. Specifically, the bill requires a person to store a firearm that is not in the person’s direct control or within reach in a gun safe or gun room, or unloaded with a locking device. In other words, potentially separating you from your last line of defense if someone invades your home.


“Imagine a situation where a parent receives a call from their 17-year-old child that an intruder has entered their home and is asking for the security code to unlock a gun,” Jacob said. “If the child successfully defends the home and shoots an intruder is that a violation of the new regulations? This is just one of many scenarios that the Democrats have refused to answer with their anti-gun agenda.”


“The Constitution says these rights shall not be infringed,” Jacob continued. “Constituents are rightfully making it clear that not having their gun readily available is an infringement on their rights.”


Jacob said all three anti-2nd Amendment bills now head to the Minnesota Senate, where Democrats hold a one-seat majority, and one of their members who is alleged to have recently burglarized her stepmother’s home in the middle of the night will likely cast the deciding vote on all three of these proposals.