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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Commerce and Labor

Meetings are listed by date with the most recent meeting at the top. If there is a television recording of the meeting links to that format will be available below.

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Commerce and Labor

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HF1056 (Howes) Construction subcontractors prompt payment required.
HF1072 (Howes) Vacation home rental regulation and management clarified.
HF1813 (Juhnke) Elevators in grain elevators regulation provided.
HF1678 (Nelson) Workers' compensation provisions modified.

Commerce and Labor

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HF1038 (Jackson) Public Utilities Commission authorized to order refunds of unlawful utility rate revenues.
HF1615/SF743 (Sanders) Petroleum standards updated, biodiesel blends and fuels standards established.
HF1306 (Hornstein) Cocoa bean shell mulch retail sale notice required.
HF1853 (Atkins) Various licenses, forms, coverages, marketing practices, and records regulated, data classified, and coordination of health insurance benefits provided.
HF2029 (Davnie) Consumer small loan lenders and residential mortgage originators and servicers regulated, calculation of reserves and nonforfeiture values of preneed funeral insurance contracts provided, and additional commerce provisions provided.
HF412 (Bunn) Home owner warranty statute of repose adjusted.

Commerce and Labor

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HF1169 (Rukavina) Public employer purchases and acquisitions of equipment and apparel regulated.
HF1823 (Simon) Church benefits board authorized to act as trustee of a trust.
HF1345 (Abeler) Claims processing practices by third-party administrators of health coverage plans prohibited, health claims clearinghouses regulated, and insurer audits of health claims payments time limit provided.
HF42 (Thissen) Temporary MinnesotaCare eligibility provided for certain individuals receiving unemployment benefits, guaranteed issue required in the individual insurance market for certain individuals who had received money temporary MinnesotaCare coverage, and money appropriated.
HF458 (Thissen) Consumer product development and regulation advisory council created, and comprehensive framework established for consumer products that protect, support, and enhance human health, the environment, and economic development, and appointments provided.
HF250 (Knuth) Children's health protected from toxic

Commerce and Labor

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HF1767 (Nelson) Unlicensed construction contractor and subcontractor registration required, fee imposed.
HF120 (Hosch) Health care cooperative arrangement oversight established, rural area health care service access increased, and money appropriated.
HF286 (Clark) Acupuncture equal access provided and services required by certain group policies and subscriber contracts, Edith R. Davis memorial provided, claim determinations required regarding acupuncture services made or reviewed by acupuncture practitioners, and acupuncture referral reporting required to acupuncture practitioners and reimbursement rates.
HF854 (Lesch) Customer liability for unauthorized use of lost of stolen cellular phones limited.
HF1202 (Masin) Insurance proceed dollar amounts modified.
HF1294 (Kahn) Sunday sales regulated, and statutory prohibitions removed against off-sale intoxicating liquor sales and the sales of motor vehicles.
**The committee will limit its action to the prohibitions against off-sale in

Commerce and Labor

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HF357 (Falk) Community-based energy development project tariff and contract provisions modified.
HF1619 (Atkins) Minnesota No-Fault Automobile Act's funeral and burial expense benefits increased.
HF818 (Hilstrom) Financial records disclosure in connection with financial exploitation investigations authorized, procedures for reporting and investigating maltreatment modified, duties of financial institutions in cases of financial exploitation specified, and penalties imposed.
HF1149 (Juhnke) Telecommunications promotion activities provisions modified.
HF1418 (Nelson) Plumbing regulated.
HF705 (Loeffler) Preventive health care promoted by requiring high deductible health plans used with a health savings account to cover preventive care with no deductible as permitted by federal law.
HF908 (Urdahl) Shared work employer plans extended by one year.

HF690 (Hortman), HF1214 (Davnie) and HF 326 (Clark) have been removed from the agenda.
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