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Audio/Video Archives - 2009-2010 Regular Session

Commerce and Labor

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Commerce and Labor

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HF420 (Laine) Existing statutory implied residential construction warranties required to be made as express warranties and be provided to the buyer in writing, and warranty waivers prohibited.
HF330 (Scalze) Homeowners provided with a longer period within which to notify contractors of construction defects.
HF362 (Knuth) Homeowner's written notice requirement to building contractor of construction defect eliminated.
Pending Referral - HF 1463 (Davnie) Various filings and fees regulated and terms defined.
Pending Referral - HF1532 (Kalin) Secretary of State filings, forms, records, submissions, motions, and orders regulated.
HF569 (Sailer) Recycled paint pilot program implementation required by paint manufacturers.
HF1406 (Dill) Lawful gambling tax provisions modified.
HF993 (Dill) Financial statements submitted to the attorney general by charitable organizations audit requirement adjusted.
HF1511 (Atkins) Lawful gambling provisions modified.
HF1512 (Atkins) Electronic bingo a

Commerce and Labor

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HF925 (Sertich) Official measure of unemployment expanded.
HF1116 (Davnie) Unemployment benefit requirements waived for dislocated workers, Minnesota investment fund authorization expanded, unemployment provisions modified, appeals required to be filed online, collection fee provided, unemployment benefit filing regulated, terms defined and clarified, and money appropriated.
HF475 (Winkler) Start-up and emerging Minnesota businesses credit for investment provided.
HF354 (Hilstrom) Mortgage foreclosure proceedings notice and mandatory mediation required prior to commencement on homestead property, and homestead-lender mediation account created.
HF239 (Gardner) Homeowners permitted to recover all damages incurred due to faulty construction.

Commerce and Labor

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HF1048 (Brynaert) Eligibility for benefits under certain training programs provided.
HF841 (Juhnke) Sunset of the farmer-lender mediation law eliminated.
HF866 (Hosch) School districts required to obtain employee health coverage through the public employees insurance program.

Commerce and Labor

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HF819 (Atkins) Early Internet sales of event tickets at inflated prices prohibited.
HF1200 (Dill) Grand Marais; On-sale liquor licenses authorized.
HF97 (Solberg) Convention centers authorized to obtain liquor licenses.
HF159 (Simon) Alcohol control device sale allowed at exclusive liquor stores.
HF546 (Nelson) has been removed from the agenda.

Commerce and Labor

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HF549 (Davnie) Debt management and debt settlement services regulated.
HF403 (Gardner) Yard waste containers required to be compostable, and biodegradable standard for certain plastics established.
HF813 (Johnson) Trucking industry classifications of employment regulated.
HF978 (Lillie) Automobile insurers prohibited from owning repair facilities.

Bills Removed:
HF772 (Atkins) Medical examination frequency limited for physicians of motor vehicle insurers.
HF458 (Thissen) & HF250 (Knuth) have been removed from the agenda.
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 31
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