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Audio/Video Archives - 2015-2016 Regular Session

Government Operations and Elections Policy

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Government Operations and Elections Policy

Bills Added:
HF3585 (Drazkowski) - Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified, affirmative approval required before interim implementation of state employee collective bargaining agreements, exclusive representatives prohibited from requiring political contributions, and open meetings required.
H3585A13.pdf (4/19/2016)
H3585A14.pdf (4/20/2016)

Government Operations and Elections Policy

HF XXXX (Sanders) has been updated - the bill number is HF 3944 and the bill is now available on the House website.

Agenda subject to change. More bills may be added.
Bills Added:
HF3925 (Hackbarth) - Iron Range resources and rehabilitation commissioner duties modified, Legislative-Citizen Commission created, legislative oversight provided, appropriations and distribution modified, conforming changes made, study required, and money appropriated.
HF3944 (Sanders) - Radon testing and mitigation data specified, rulemaking required on indoor radon licensure and work standards, exemptions to radon testing provided, fees changed for radon license applications, and local governments allowed to require inspections or permits.
H3925A1_1.pdf (4/19/2016)
H3925A3_1.pdf (4/19/2016)
H3925DE1.pdf (4/19/2016)

Government Operations and Elections Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Campaign Finance Board Confirmation Hearings:

Margaret Leppik
Emma Greenman

Government Operations and Elections Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
If the agenda is not completed during the normal time, the committee will recess and reconvene at the call of the chair in the basement hearing room.
Bills Added:
HF3363 (Hamilton) - Good food access program established to provide financial and technical assistance to increase access to affordable foods, report required, and money appropriated.
HF3423 (Johnson) - Statewide criminal and juvenile justice information policy and funding issues advisory group provided.
HF3685 (Hackbarth) - Dry cleaner response and reimbursement account provisions modified, prior appropriation modified, and rulemaking required.
HF2625 (Slocum) - Richfield; response time residency requirement for firefighters extended.
HF3558 (Slocum) - City and town expenditures for city and town historical societies permitted.
HF2810 (Howe) - Public safety officer death benefits modified, and definitions of the hometown heroes act adopted.
HF2371 (Murphy) - Claims provided for loss, damage, or destruction of property of patients or inmates of state institution; claim limit of $7,000 established for settlement by the commissioners of human services, veterans affairs, or corrections for property claims made by patients or inmates and medical claims made by conditionally released offenders; and claim filing fee increased.
HF3211 (Hoppe) - Advance deposit wagering authorized, horse racing revenue provided, and money appropriated.
HF3213 (Kahn) - Congo; agency procurement of supplies or services from persons that fail to disclose information relating to conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its neighboring countries prohibited, and notices required.
HF2688 (Sanders) - Election and election administration provisions modified, timeline modified for when a special election is required to fill a vacancy on a school board, appointment of specified county offices authorized, and technical changes made.
HF2345 (Hamilton) - Spoken language health care interpreter tiered registry system established, and money appropriated.
HF3551 (Pugh) - Hennepin County; job order contracting for construction projects authorized.
A16-1014.pdf (4/6/2016)
H2688A1.pdf (4/6/2016)
H2688DE1.pdf (4/6/2016)
H3363A4.pdf (4/6/2016)
H3363A5.pdf (4/6/2016)
a16-1034.pdf (4/7/2016)

Government Operations and Elections Policy

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills Added:
SF2850 (Urdahl) - Minnesota State Capitol grand reopening fundraising authorized.
HF1235 (Anderson) - Farmer Lender Mediation Act extended for two years, advisory task force established, report required, and law repealed that would have extended the Farmer Lender Mediation Act until June 30, 2017 if the legislature did not meet in regular session during calendar year 2016.
HF3313 (Christensen) - Student Discipline Working Group created to review the substance, application, and effect of Minnesota's Pupil Fair Dismissal Act and make recommendations to the legislature.
HF3644 (Wagenius) - Sewer availability charges imposed on eating and drinking establishments that add or expand outdoor seating regulated.
HF3770 (Kelly) - Cannon Falls; metropolitan area definition modified.
HF2915 (Albright) - Federal funds received by the state annual report required.
HF2932 (Pugh) - Hennepin County; energy forward pricing holding period and expiration date modified.
H3313DE4.pdf (4/5/2016)
H3644A1.pdf (4/5/2016)
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