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Audio/Video Archives - 2017-2018 Regular Session

Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

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Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

Report from the Office of the Legislative Auditor on Guardian ad Litem Program

Supplemental Budget Request of Guardian ad Litem Board
Bills Added:
HF2751 (Garofalo) - Electric vehicle charging station parking regulated.
HF3203 (Christensen) - Penalties for school employees and independent contractors who have sexual relationships with students established.
HF3726 (O'Neill) - Ignition interlock for repeat offenders required to reinstate driving privileges, and driving without a license after a DWI-related offense may not be added to the Statewide Payables List.
HF3209 (Lucero) - Unauthorized computer access crime expanded to include accessing a computer without penetrating security system.
HF3425 (Lucero) - Digital picture and recording misrepresentation crime provided.
H2751A1.pdf (4/6/2018)
A18-0740.pdf (4/9/2018)
A18-0698.pdf (4/9/2018)
H3203DE1.pdf (4/9/2018)

Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

Bills Added:
HF3958 (Hoppe) - Fee to renew a judgment on consumer credit transactions amended.
HF3676 (Jessup) - Reimbursement grants for audits of the physical security of public school campuses created, and money appropriated.
HF3885 (Christensen) - Public school security audit funding provided, and money appropriated.
HF3578 (Hilstrom) - Predatory offender registration provisions amended.
HF3260 (Lohmer) - Criminal sexual conduct offenses expanded for persons in current or recent positions of authority over juveniles.
H3260A1.pdf (3/26/2018)
H3578A1.pdf (3/27/2018)
H3958A1.pdf (3/28/2018)

Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

Bills Added:
HF3693 (Smith) - Trespass to critical infrastructure liability and vicarious liability created, and crime for recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure created.
HF2795 (Loon) - Teacher code of ethics codified, background checks required, mandatory reporting expanded, grounds for teacher discharge expanded, and criminal sexual conduct offenses for persons in current or recent positions of authority of juveniles expanded.
HF3465 (Hortman) - Voluntary relationship defense for criminal sexual conduct crimes eliminated.
HF3231 (Hilstrom) - Court technology fund made permanent.
H2795A4.pdf (3/27/2018)
H3693A1.pdf (3/27/2018)
H2795A7.pdf (3/27/2018)

Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

Audio Available: Download Mp3
Bills Added:
HF192 (Heintzeman) - Driving without a valid license repeat violation penalties enhanced and minimum fines established.
HF3295 (Scott) - Joint petitions for custody and parenting time allowed to be filed in legal separations and by unmarried parents.
HF2987 (Kiel) - Drug repository program created.
HF1481 (Grossell) - Assaulting firefighters or medical personnel enhanced criminal penalties provided.
HF4023 (Howe) - State fire marshal inspection of place of public accommodation required, dedicated account in the special revenue fund created, and money appropriated.
HF4044 (Considine) - Transfer of bodily fluids included in the crime of assaulting secure treatment facility personnel.
H0192DE1.pdf (3/26/2018)
H1481A1.pdf (3/26/2018)

Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance

Bills Added:
HF3505 (Anderson) - Theft offenses penalties enhanced.
HF3611 (Grossell) - Local government units prohibited from disarming peace officers who are in good standing.
HF3479 (Franke) - Schedules of controlled substances modified, and DWI law modified by including other types of intoxicating substances and striking references to hazardous substances.
HF3610 (Johnson) - Penalty for assaulting a police officer enhanced, and dissemination of personal information about law enforcement officials criminalized.
HF951 (Dehn) - Civil right to vote restored to an individual upon release from incarceration or upon sentencing if no incarceration is imposed, notice required, and county attorney obligation to promptly investigate voter registration and eligibility repealed.
H3611DE1.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3479A1.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3479A2.pdf (3/21/2018)
H3610A1.pdf (3/21/2018)
Page: Page Size: 5 Total Results: 53
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